Virgin Part 11

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"Um, I'll text you, I think Catherine wanted to do something." You mumble, avoiding eye contact like the plague. The lie is so obvious that you internally cringe, Shawn just nods and you slide out of the car.

Damn, that was close.

Work flies by in a blur of answering phone calls, replying to emails and helping Tony with admin.

He'd called you in the office as soon as you arrived. You'd been so nervous, you'd fumbled with the door and your cast, so he'd had to open it for you. You'd be hella embarrassed.

After that fail, the chat had gone well. Tony telling you that he's going to get HR to review everyone who works here, check their personal records etc in case any of them aren't who they seem to be. He told you that no one knows about Jacob's behaviour, he told the office that Jacob quit his job over an altercation. You really don't want your drama spread around everyone so you're grateful.

Your phone buzzes as you sit back down from doing some photocopying. You're kind of dreading even opening the message because you're 99% sure it's Shawn checking up on you. Again. Although you love his cheeky texts, he's been texting you non stop about pointless shit. And yes, you're shaken up by the past week's events, you are not weak-minded. You've compartmentalised your emotions and after all, you're here, at work, to do a job.

You sigh before swiping open the message.

So, where are you going to dinner with Catherine? I'll drop you off and pick you up.

Why is Shawn such a perfect guy? If he was a genuine asshole, it would be SO much easier to separate yourself from him.

But now what? Do you lie again? Fuck it, this is impossible. Even if you told Shawn that Catherine had cancelled he'd suggest a movie night and then how can you decline without him suspecting anything?

You start to type back then delete it. Frustrated, you grit your teeth.

She cancelled. Thinking about a quiet night in tonight.

Hopefully Shawn will get the message about wanting the evening to yourself. Your phone buzzes again.

Great because I bought a selection of awesome DVDs that are begging to be watched while we stuff our faces full of popcorn and chips.

Or not.

A movie night does sound so enticing. Okay, plan: you're going to say yes to the movie night then suggest a bit of space between you two. Make something up on the spot. Spontaneity is better in this situations, right?

They better be Harry Potter movies or I'm locking my door and eating all the popcorn alone.

You grin as you type your message, you and Shawn obsess over Harry Potter to the point where it's probably considered unhealthy but you really don't care. It's just another thing you two have in common.

Shawn replies.

Of course, you'll expect nothing less. So do you want salty or sweet popcorn?

A movie night it is then.

Shawn's in a good mood when he picks you up from work. You made him park around the corner and stay in the car due to your nosey colleagues. Some of them don't believe Tony's story about Jacob, probably ex-lovers or something but you really don't want to give them more reasons to suspect something is up.

"Hey." You say as you slip in the car. The cool air con hits you like instant relief and you sigh. Turning to Shawn you notice his smirk. He's in a cheeky mood, this just makes the separating thing so much harder.

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