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Drinks. It started with drinks.

You've been around at Shawn's house all day. You had originally planned a Harry Potter marathon, but that was before you accidentally told Shawn that you'd seen the video of him pretending to be a bartender at the club last night and that you don't think he'd ever be able to be a good bartender. His lack of coordination and gangly limbs would make him the clumsiest at making drinks. However, Shawn being Shawn  took it as a challenge to prove to you that he could do just that, be a great bartender.

Now, 3 hours later and a lot of fruit juice spillages, Shawn's making you sip yet another, pineapple and rum cocktail, complete with the pink umbrella balancing on the rim of your glass.

You take a sip and nod enthusiastically in agreement, pretending to be able to tell the difference between the peach fizzler you had before. You've really just had WAY too many drinks and they're all starting to taste the same.

Shawn sips from his own straw and nods appreciatively, eyeing the drink and pretending be a fancy cocktail connoisseur, he makes a dramatic comment.

"This one has this sweet mixed with spicy taste, creating a soft over tone with a hint of fruit".

You splutter over your drink and laugh at Shawn's ridiculousness. He never fails to make you smile, warming your heart with his pink cheeks and curly hair.

"You're drunk." You state, staring Shawn straight in the eye and he laughs again, blowing bubbles through his straw and into his drink.

"Thank you Captain Obvious."

"This was a great idea, you know. But personally I still prefer this one the best." Shawn lifts a glass from amongst the scatter of glasses on the table, sloshing pink liquid onto the floor as he holds it up.

"No, this one was best." You grab a neon green looking mojito and move to clink your glass with Shawn's. However, your drunk mind and slow coordination makes you stumble and slosh your drink all over Shawn, smashing the glasses together.

Pieces of glass and sticky juice rain down over both of you. There's a moment of silence and you bite your lip as Shawn surveys the mess around you two. Sweet, green liquid dripping from his curly locks.

Suddenly, he throws his head back and laughs, droplets of the drink splattering the wall behind him. You feel the giggles erupting from you and you join in, holding your belly while you laugh.

Wiping tears from your eyes, you breathe, feeling all light and happy after laughing so much. Shawn takes a deep breath and stands up, swaying on his feet.

"Let's go get cleaned up before we hurt ourselves, babe."

He offers you a hand, drink in the other, blue paper umbrella and all. You grab his hand and he stumbles forward, spilling the rest of his drink all over your shirt and falling right on top of you.

You both burst into laughter again and Shawn kisses your nose.

"You taste like cranberry juice." You laugh again and lean in to kiss him, lips meeting his. He tastes like orange juice with a hint of vodka.

He pulls away and sits back on his knees, pulling you up with him. You reach to touch his sticky hair and then second guess yourself, maybe not the best idea.

"Can we get McDonalds delivery?" Shawn whines. You chuckle, he's always a hungry drunk.

"Let's have a shower first yeah? You smell like a mojito."

"But a sexy mojito, right?"

You roll your eyes and kiss him again.

"Always a sexy mojito."

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