High School (AU)

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Omg I'm so sorry for being so inactive everyone, life has just come at me in the last few months!

What's everyone thoughts on Shawn and Camilla and Señorita?? I feel like it's PR because of the timing but then I'd be falling (even more) in love with Shawn if I'd be in the music video omg. The song is AH-MAZ-ING though!!!

Enjoy this little AU fic! - V xo

He's smiling at you. Again. Your cheeks flush as he catches your eye when you turn your head, pretending to look around the class room nonchalantly.

He's damn cute, with his boyish grin and chocolate colored curls, it's enough to make anyone blush. When you'd joined the school, many people had been interested in the "new girl". Excitement wore off by week one and you went back to being a wall flower, not popular but not a loser either. You liked to hang with a few friends or sit quietly, enjoying your own company whilst watching the world go by. 

You turned your head to the side again, studying his face. You'd learnt that his name is Shawn, the captain of the basketball team and definitely the cutest guy in your class. All the girls drooled over him, but he seemed to have a soft spot for you. Always holding the door open for you, saying "good morning" or wishing you a good weekend. You'd been more than flattered by the unexpected attention but as usual, you'd shied away from the over confident boy, ducking your head and mumbling a quiet "thanks" when you saw him.

Gazing at him now, you realise he's really more than cute, he's beautiful. Strong cheek bones and a defined nose shape his face, his hazel eyes framed by thick eye lashes which flutter ever so often.

"Miss Y/N/M, is there something that you find more interesting than my class?" 

You zone back in and see your stern teacher frowning at you. The whole class is staring at you and your cheeks burn bright red. You shake your head furiously, mortally embarrassed that you've been caught ogling at Shawn. You can't even bear to look at him now. 

The class goes back to normal and you keep your head focused on the board the whole time, pretending to write notes and avoiding Shawn's stare which you can feel boring into the side of your face.

The bell rings and you leap up from your seat, practically flying out of the classroom, eager to get away from the embarrassment of today. You stop by your locker on the way out but as usual, your stubborn locker door decides to jam itself.

You turn the dial twice, pulling at the small handle in the door, it doesn't budge and you grit your teeth in frustration. You curse under your breath.

"Mother fu-"

"Need a hand?" 

Shawn soft voice interrupts your not so PG-13 rant and you lean your head against the locker door, pretending to read the numbers on the dial, while trying to compose yourself. Haven't you had enough embarrassment for one day?

"Sure." You say quietly and step to the side. Shawn's tall frame bends down to inspect the dial before giving the door a couple of yanks.

"Nope, it looks like it's jammed." Shawn shrugs.

"Thank you for trying, I'll just check one more time." You pull the handle with force and it flies open. You stumble backwards, losing your balance and you fall back into his chest. You both hit the floor with a thud and you immediately roll off him, apologising profusely.  

"I'm so sorry oh my gosh, are you okay? The stupid locker just flew open-" 

"Y/N, I'm fine, what about you." Shawn stands up, towering over you and you look up at him.

"Guess I loosened it for you, huh?" He jokes and you laugh, feeling less embarrassed about the whole ordeal.

"How about you drop your books off in there and I'll meet you in the parking lot?"

You usually take the bus home, but a lift with Shawn is too good to pass up even if you still feel like you're blushing from this afternoon's incidents.

You nod, smiling and Shawn mouth pulls into a wide grin as he walks down the corridor.

Rushing to put your books in your locker, you check your hair in the little mirror, smoothing it down a bit at the back and quickly apply some lipgloss over your lips. Happy with your appearance, you slam the door shut and take a deep breath before walking down the hall.

Opening the doors, you see Shawn sitting on the hood of his car, texting. He's in a denim jacket and black jeans with ankle boots and a white t-shirt. 

You walk down the steps and cross the lot to him. He looks up and pockets his phone as you smile at him.

"Hey, you hungry? I know this great diner, it's not far from here and they do the best waffles." 

You grin and nod again, as he opens the front door of his car for you. Shawn revs the engine and drives out of the parking lot. 


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