Married Life (Request)

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A requested imagine for fianceeofshawnmendes

You wake up, feeling snug and bathed in soft sunlight. You turn over, stretching out, feeling satisfied when your body pops in all the right places. Hearing heavy breathing next to you, your eyes land on Shawn, still in a deep slumber. His hair is ruffled, his cheeks pink and his thick eyelashes fluttering lightly against his upper cheek.

He looks perfect, relaxed. While he's sleeping you can't see the dark circles under his eyes or the worry lines on his forehead. He's been stressed with work recently, trying to catch up on recording and studio sessions. After you both took a month off work for your honeymoon, Shawn went straight back to the studio to write, saying he was inspired by you and the places you travelled to, literally and figuratively.

As you gaze at the love of your life, he stirs in his sleep, waking up slowly. He blinks a few times, rubbing his sleep sprinkled eyes before closing them again and smiling.

"Good morning Mrs. Mendes." He mumbles quietly and you grin. Mrs. Mendes, wow you really are married to Shawn now.

Sighing you smile at his sleepy face. "I'll never get used to that."

Shawn's hand sneaks under the bed sheets to find yours and he brings it up to his mouth. Starting with your thumb, he kisses each knuckle softly, brushing his lips over the skin. He lingers on your left hand, fourth finger the one which is adorned with your beautiful gold wedding ring.

"I'll never get used to this either, Emmy."

Everything seems to be falling beautifully into place. And right now, it feels perfect. The soft sunlight, the warm room, Shawn looking absolutely stunning lying next to you. Leaning over, you kiss him on the nose.

"Or this." Shawn reaches out and gently caresses your stomach. Yep, it's official. You'd told him about 4 weeks ago that you're pregnant. Six weeks pregnant in fact.

You'd found on on your own, which isn't exactly how you'd envisioned it. Shawn had been busy at the studio that day and you'd be doing some house work. Since you'd taken a bit of time off after the wedding and you had tons of laundry to do after the honeymoon. You'd been cleaning your kitchen when the nausea had hit you like a wave. Gripping the sponge in one hand and the counter top in the other, you'd waited for it to pass. It didn't. Blaming the dinner from the night before, you'd run to the bathroom but hadn't actually puked, just been feeling super queasy.

After that, you'd been feeling icky all day. And then the next day was the same. After nearly 4 days of feeling grim and trying every home remedy possible, you'd gone to see your doctor. He'd confirmed that you were expecting your first child. You had been surprised, so soon after your honeymoon and wedding but you'd never been happier, now everything is perfect and you can start getting ready for your soon-to-be family.

Shawn had been over the moon when you'd told him the news. You'd worried that it was too soon, you'd literally just got married but he was so pleased that you couldn't find any more reasons to worry.

"We should discuss names." You say, rolling over onto your back and staring up at the ceiling. Shawn laughs from beside you.

"Babe, it's early days yet, we still have so much other stuff to worry about." Yeah like names, duh, Shawn.

"But it's what everyone is going to ask when we announce it. Plus once we know the gender, we can decide and we won't have to keep calling it "baby" and "it"."

Shawn stretches his arms behind his head as you sit up and look down at him, your hair falling in your face.

Brushing it away with your hand and tucking it behind your ear, you pull your knees up and rest your head on your chin.

"We want to know the gender ASAP?" Shawn raises an eyebrow.

"Well duh, I don't want to wait 9 months!" Waving your hands around emphatically. 9 months is a long time and you don't have much patience.

"What if I don't want to know?" Shawn pouts, sticking out his bottom lip a bit. Wow, he's adorable.

"Well, you don't get a say because you're not carrying it." You stick your tongue out at him.

"But I helped make it!" Shawn whines. Okay, true, he did help.

Sighing you sit back and figure out a middle point in your different opinions. You'd realised early on that marriage is all about compromising. If you two differed in views and opinions, you'd always have to find a halfway point. Even if it was something small like deciding what you wanted for dinner. Compromise is key.

"Okay, compromise: if we find out the gender, you can pick the color of the nursery." You and Shawn had discussed that you don't want gender colors like blue and pink, you want something neutral.

Shawn hums while pretending to think hard about your proposition.


You clap, proud that you defused that mini difference in opinions easily. Shawn sits forward, cupping your chin and pulling you towards him. Gently, he kisses your lips.

"I cannot wait to start our own little family together."

Hope you liked it!! - V xx

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