Just Friends

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40K READS?! You thirsty little beans! To keep you all hydrated, here's a smutty one 😏- V x


As usual, Shawn's been invited to a party. He literally gets invited to every event that goes on in LA. You're kind of jealous of his social life but normally, he turns them down, saying he has better things to do with his evenings.

However, this time he said he'd go to Bryant's party, he probably turned the requests down too often to say no again. And much to your surprise, he'd asked you if you'd like to come too.

Honestly, you'd been super excited. Not only because he's finally asking you to a party with him, but because you're going to finally meet his friends.

You and Shawn have been dating for a few months but you've both kept it lowkey, mainly because Shawn says he wants to shield you from the inevitable hate.

To be honest, you've been pretty cool with that, up until recently. You've felt like Shawn's dirty little secret and that he's embarrassed to be seen in public with you. So you're definitely hoping the party will ease your mind once Shawn's friends know you're dating.

You've put on a cute dress and some super comfy trainers because after all, you're there to party.

You jog down the stairs at your apartment just as you get a text from Shawn saying he's waiting outside in the car.

You swing open the front door, seeing his Jeep parked at the curb, you take the steps two at a time down the front stairs.

Opening the car door and sliding onto the soft leather, you turn and grin at Shawn.

"Looking good babe." He eyes your dress approvingly and you internally high five yourself. You'd bought the dress on a whim, it wasn't expensive and you'd liked it but wasn't sure if it was very you. Shawn's reaction has made it your new favourite item.

He leans over and presses a kiss to your cheek, his lip soft. You smile and twist your head to the side, catching his lips in yours. As usual, he pulls away quickly. Your feelings try not to be hurt by his reaction, Shawn always does this in public but it still hurts just the same. But you'll not have your night ruined by Shawn's weird behaviour. 

He's dressed in soft loose green shirt, rolled up to his elbows and black skinny jeans with his signature boots. He looks delicious, as always.

The muscles in his forearm flex as he shifts the gear into drive and joins the main road.

You chat casually about your days, he's been busy planning promo for the next single out in a month. He hasn't played it to you yet but you're not surprised, Shawn is sometimes shy of your opinion, as you found out when you two started dating. If you can call it that. At first you thought it was because he didn't value your opinion but you soon found out that if Shawn was worried you wouldn't like something, he just didn't tell you.

Shawn parks the car a few blocks away from Bryant's as you two don't want to get stuck in by traffic on the way home.

You walk side by side, close but not touching. Sometimes you itch to just hold Shawn's hand when you're walking together but he won't let you. You feel the sting of hurt again in your chest, but pretend that it doesn't affect you. That you're okay. It's easier this way.

You can hear the pounding bass of the music as you approach Bryant's house. It sits in between two other big houses and you wonder if the neighbors are out of town. Surely they would have complained about the noise by now.

People are littered around the front yard, drinking, smoking, laughing, making out. Seeing such public displays of affection makes your heart ache for Shawn to kiss you like that. Don't think.

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