First Kiss (Request)

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Requested by MendesGrimes16

You can hear the music thumping as you approach the front door of his house. You're late, of course, the one day it matters and your chemistry teacher had to give you detention for writing "I don't care" on every answer of the pop quiz he gave out in his class.

Having finally made it out of detention at 6pm, you'd rushed home, practically jumping every red light and speed showered before throwing on a cute outfit, making yourself look somewhat presentable and running back out. Shawn's house is only 5 minutes from yours so you make it there in 3.

You push the door open, seeing the house already packed. Shawn's popular, he's captain of the hockey team and everyone worships him, so it only makes sense that they're all here, celebrating his 18th birthday.

You and Shawn have been friends since pre school, after he threw a toy brick at your head and it split your forehead open, you still have a faint silver scar from it. In retaliation, you'd thrown a punch at him so hard that it had knocked his front tooth out. Both of you had ended up in the ER together, parents frowning and that's how you became inseparable.

Briefly waving at a few people, you weave your way through the crowd, spotting Shawn's lean frame in the kitchen. You sneak up behind him and cover his eyes with your hands. You can feel him grinning.

"Hmmm, I wonder who this is." He teases and you giggle. Pulling your hands away from his eyes, he turns and hugs you.

"So how bad was detention this time?" You pour yourself a drink, alcoholic of course, you need it after today.

"It sucked. Mr Gibbs is such an asshole." You down the drink in one and reach for another refill.

"Can't believe you did that though."

"What? Write that on my quiz?"

"Yeah, it's just so... you."

You laugh, sipping your drink. Yes, it is very you. Admittedly this is your first time writing that you don't care on a quiz, but you're usually in detention for one thing or another. Let's just say that school isn't your thing.

"So, what'd you get me?" Shawn leans in, trying to peak in the gift bag you're carrying. You snatch it away and boop his nose to stop him looking.

"Later." You wave him off dismissively and he pouts.

"I wanna know now." He whines but you shake your head. One thing Shawn knows about you is that you're stubborn. As fuck.

"C'mon Hannah. Pleeeaaase." Shawn drags out the vowels in please and you roll your eyes at his desperation.

"Go play with your other hundreds of gifts, mine's special so I'm saving it for later."

Shawn tries to reach around your back and grab it but you pull away, stepping back. He steps forward and you feel the counter pressed against your back as you move further away from him and his grabby hands.

"Gimme Hannah, c'mon it's my birthday." He pretend whines and leans in close, staring into your eyes with his puppy dog ones.

"No. Means. No. Mendes." You narrow your eyes playfully at him.

He rolls his eyes but stays close to you, his lips only a touch away from yours. Suddenly the room feels too hot with Shawn watching you intently, his graze drops to your mouth and your lips part in anticipation.

"Get a room!" Someone shouts as they walk past and it breaks the tension between you two. Shawn clears his throat and stands at his full height again. He leans over you and grabs a cup from the counter behind you. His arm brushes past yours and you let out the breath you didn't realise you were holding.

Recently, you've been finding it harder to be "just friends" with Shawn. He's not the lanky sixth grader you once knew. He's grown into a tall, handsome teen with thick brown curls and amazing bone structure.

At first, you thought it was just hormones, you finding him attractive because frankly, no one else in your year is. But soon you realised it was more than that. You found yourself looking more presentable when he's around, spending more time in front of the mirror, making sure you looked your best.

Shawn had been on a few dates with girls from your school but none of them lasted. You'd always grill him about them but he'd brush them off, making up feeble excuses.

He'd changed too, complimenting you more, making accidental touches that you guessed were not so accidental. He made up excuses to hang out, claiming he needed a study buddy, when you both knew he was the smartest out of the two of you.

Shawn gets up and pushes off the counter, finally giving you some space. You run your hand through your hair, slightly relieved that he stepped away. You need to calm yourself.

Walking towards the staircase, you take two at a time. You know his house like the back of your hand so you have no problem finding Shawn's bedroom and sneaking in. You drop the present on his bed and walk into his bathroom. You wash your hands and stare at yourself in his mirror. He makes you much more nervous than you've ever been. Having Shawn in such close proximity makes your heart race and your skin tingle.

You take your time touching up your makeup and cooling off in the bathroom. As you open the door, you jump when you see Shawn sitting on the edge of the bed.

"You good?" You prompt, trying to act casually. You two spend time alone together a lot but recently you've been finding it harder to not kiss him every moment you're together.

He stands up, stepping closer to you. Your heart thumps in your chest. Shawn reaches up and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. His fingers linger on your cheek as he grazes it lightly with his hand. Your breath hitches and his eyes flicker to your lips.

Shawn's hand cups your cheek, gently pulling your mouth to his. His lips are soft, warm and not too hasty. You bring your arms up to his neck and wrap them around him, pulling his body closer.

Shawn's hands tangle in your hair and you pull away, breathing hard.

"You have no idea how long I've waited to do that."

"Well it's certainly the best first kiss. Have you been practicing with your hot dates?" You wiggle your eyebrows at Shawn but he shakes his head.

"Nope that was my first kiss too." He blushes slightly and you peck him on the cheek.

"We better get back to the party."

You unwrap your arms from his neck and pull back, but he catches you before you can fully untangle yourself.

"I still don't know what my present is." He whispers and you roll your eyes.

"Maybe that was it." You tease.

"Then what's in the bag?" Shawn's mouth quirks up.

"My chemistry test." You answer flatly and Shawn rolls his eyes. He walks you two to the edge of the bed. He lets you go as he reaches around for the gift bag.

Shawn glances up at you and you nod encouragingly. He pulls out the tissue paper and finds the box inside. Tearing off the wrapping paper, he opens the lid and gasps a little. You grin to yourself as he pulls out what's inside.

You'd put a lot of thought into the gift, making sure it wasn't something everyone else would get him.

Shawn stares at the puck in his hand, his finger tracing over the gold lettering on each side. You'd bought him a hockey puck, but painted his team number and his name on either side. Making it completely his.

"Hannah, I don't know what to say." Shawn's eyes meet yours and you know you did good.

You crawl over the bed to where he's sitting and tilt his chin up with your finger. Gently, you lower your lips to his.

You pull away after a moment and smile.

"Happy Birthday Shawn."


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