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It's a Sunday afternoon and you're pretty bored. Your boyfriend, Shawn, is watching a hockey game on the TV in your living room and you don't want to be a pain so you decide to mess around with some makeup in your shared bedroom.

You place all your stuff on the floor and switch on your camera. You like to post little videos on you doing some new makeup looks ever so often and usually they come from you experimenting with your palettes rather than planned looks.

You recently got the Naked Heat palette from Shawn as an anniversary present and you've been dying to practice with it. You take off the lid and smile, showing the camera all the pretty red and brown shades.

You grab your favourite eyeshadow brush and begin to apply a matte light brown colour to your crease, blending as you go. You hear footsteps coming up the stairs and you guess it's Shawn just coming up to see if you're okay. It goes quiet for a few minutes and you turn to see Shawn standing in he doorway, leaning against the frame. He's watching you apply your makeup. His muscular forearms are crossed, his plaid shirt is stretched across them and he's smiling at you.

You turn back to the camera, figuring that he wanted to just watch. You're in your zone right now, creating a super cute Autumn smokey eye. You're applying a light orange shimmer shade to your lid and lining your eyelashes when Shawn breaks the silence.

"Can I try?"

You freeze, not sure if you heard Shawn right.

"You want to do my makeup?" You turn to face him again and he walks over to where you are on the floor and sits beside you.

"Yeah, I always watch you do it and it seems so simple." He admits. You grin, knowing fully well that makeup is an art and Shawn is not that type of artist. However if he wants to try, you're more than happy to let him.

"Sure, I'm just gonna finish this look off first and then I'm all yours." Shawn grins and leaves to make tea as you complete your look. Satisfied with how it turned out, you take a bunch of selfies and videos for Instagram before grabbing some makeup wipes and sadly wiping it away.

Shawn comes back up with two steaming cups and sits on the floor next to you. You go and wash your brushes, leaving Shawn to pick what products he wants to use from your extensive collection.

"Can I use all of them?" Shawn asks, obviously overwhelmed with the amount of makeup you have. You'll admit, you're a hoarder and makeup is your guilty pleasure.

"Of course, if you want. It's totally up to you." You clean the bristles and grab the hairdryer to dry them quickly.

You reset your camera and switch it on, ready to film a bit of Shawn, if not to upload, then just for the memories.

"Okay, so you want to start with a base." You say as you sit back down, cross legged and opposite Shawn. He looks down at all your makeup, trying to figure out what a base is. You giggle and pick up a couple of your foundations. You let him choose which one he wants to use and then you give him a brush. He picks up your damp beauty blender and holds it up to his face, inspecting it at eye level.

"Aaliyah has one of these too, these colourful squishy eggs. What do I use it for?" Shawn smells it and you laugh.

"Well it definitely isn't meant to be smelt. You can use to to blend. That's all I'm saying." You grin as he looks even more perplexed than before.

"But, how am I supposed to fit that in there?" He points at the blender then at the eye shadow palette. You try not to roll your eyes at the question and explain that it's not meant for the eye shadows.

Shawn firstly manages to cake on about 5 layers of foundation onto your face, leaving you with a really bad foundation line which he fails to notice. He then fills in your eyebrows with a Kohl eyeliner, gets mascara in your eye and lip stick on your teeth. You're pretty sure your blush makes you look like you're permanently embarrassed and your eyeshadow strongly resembles a raccoon.

When Shawn is done he smiles, proud of his masterpiece. You burst out into giggles as he fake pouts when you tell him that you that you look like you did your makeup drunk.

"I guess it's harder than it looks." Shawn says, rubbing his chin as he looks at all of your makeup.

"Like I don't even know what half of this stuff is." He picks up a tube of primer and opens the lid, squeezes a blob out and smells it again.

"Shawn! Stop smelling my makeup!" You laugh and you grab your primer back.

"Here's one you can actually smell." You find your Sweet Peach palette and open it up, presenting it to Shawn. He leans forward and takes a sniff. He gets too close and accidentally presses his nose into one of the shimmer shades. You practically wee yourself laughing as he tries to rub off the gold glitter but ends up getting it all over his face and hands.

"Come here." You say when you catch your breath, you grab his chin and use a makeup wipe to get rid of his shiny gold nose. He looks at you as you hold his face and you lean down to kiss his cheek, leaving a huge red lipstick mark. You grin and he laughs.

You wipe off all of Shawn's makeup and switch off your camera, ready to edit your 45+ minute long video. Shawn watches you while you edit, laughing at how badly he did your makeup. You upload it and it instantly gets over 10,000 views in the first hour.

People comment how you and Shawn need to do more videos together and how cute you two are together. Shawn is pleased with the reaction and you two spends the evening deciding what idea to film next.

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