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A/N the dress at the top is what she's wearing for the Gala. ENJOY!- V xo

"Why are you always like this?! You can't blame me for all of your insecurities!" 

Seething, you storm through the front door and slam it behind you. Marching out onto the street, you practically run straight to the bus stop with every intention of riding the bus to the Gala instead of getting a lift with Shawn.

Shawn had gone too far this time. 

Earlier, you'd been scrolling through Instagram, reading articles about how good Shawn was on tour, how sweet he was in M&Gs and the like. It warmed your heart that everyone loved him so much and supported him. You'd suddenly stopped scrolling and stared at the screen. 

Who is she?

Shawn had his arm wrapped around a gorgeous girl as they went out for drinks after a show. You'd quickly found her Instagram account and saw that she's a model, of course. She didn't have any other pictures with Shawn but you felt your self esteem dropping by the second as you scrolled through her feed.

You saw another shot of them together, smiling at each other, Shawn looking at her the way he looks at you. You know he spends lots of time with other girls and usually you're not jealous but this girl, wow, she made you doubt yourself all over again.

Locking your phone screen, you'd left to go to the hair salon, Shawn had asked you to accompany him to a charity gala tonight. You'd left plenty of time to get your hair and makeup done before you met Shawn at his house. He'd told you that he'd be spending the day doing promo and then getting ready for the event too. 

Walking into the salon, your usual stylist squealed with excitement when you explained what your dress looked like and what jewellery you'd be wearing. 

They made quick work of your hair, washing and blow drying it before pulling it into a low bun and pinning of it low around your face. You'd smiled, happy with the look and paid before walking home.

Your makeup artist was meeting you at yours. You've always believed in supporting upcoming professionals so you'd scoured Instagram for a good artist before asking them to do your makeup tonight. You didn't want a heavy "Insta" style makeup look so you made sure the artist was aware of what you wanted before you booked them.

In a haze of powder, brushes and false lashes, you looked gorgeous. Your dress was being delivered to Shawn's so you slipped on some jeans and a tank top before getting in the car that had be ordered to escort you to his place. 

Rolling up at his place, you'd be on a high. Not literally of course. But you were excited for the Gala and to see all of Shawn's friends and team. You were practically jumping up and down as you hopped out of the car and walked to the front door.

Inside, everyone is bustling around. There are makeup artists, designers, stylists, the smell of hairspray and cologne hangs heavy in the air. 

You see your dress, hanging up behind the door and sneak into the bathroom to slip it on. As you come back out, you see a few people smile and they compliment you on your dress. Someone helps you with the zip and lacing at the back.

Shawn is sitting on a chair in his living room, wearing a ringer t-shirt and having some foundation applied to his face. His eyes are closed so you survey the scene at his place. 

Then you spot her. 

She's sitting in the kitchen, on the counter and laughing at some guy's jokes. There are more than a few men around her, obviously attracted to her amazing looks. Even in loose pants and a blouse, she looks gorgeous. 

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