Only Love (Request)

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A request for fianceeofshawnmendes

Pregnancy. It is totally getting to you. The long nights lying wide awake in bed, unable to sleep comfortably and feeling lonely.

Shawn's still away on tour, it finishes in a week and he's flying home straight after. It'll be exciting to see him but you're still nervous about this whole baby situation. In your heart, you know Shawn won't leave you but sometimes your insecurities flare up while he's away, taking photos with beautiful fans. You can't help but worry that he might find someone else. Someone prettier, funnier, slimmer, curvier. Someone that isn't you.

Your phone vibrates and you roll over in bed, huffing  as your swollen belly gets in the way. You smile as Shawn's name lights up on your screen, even though it's only 12am, you're already in bed, snuggled up with the TV playing re-runs of Friends.

"Hey love!" Shawn beams through the screen, he's wearing shades and is out in the sunshine.

"How's it all going?" You ask, adjusting your pillows so you can sit up properly.

"Really good thanks! We played Jeneusse Arena in Rio last night and it was so insane, the crowds here are wild."

"I can imagine, are they waiting outside your hotel?"

"Yeah, I'll go down in a bit, just chilling out by the pool, the weather is beautiful. How are you though? How's our little munch?"

"We're good, watching re-runs on TV and ready for a long sleep. Just feeling angsty, I'm ready to pop you know."

Shawn chuckles and grins, adjusting his shades.

"I know, not long to go until she arrives!"

You nod, you're excited for her to come into the world too, but you're plagued by thoughts of Shawn leaving your for another girl. His FaceTime call should be cheering you up but also you feel sad that he's missing most of your pregnancy.

"I miss you. You've missed so many milestones. You're not going to leave me, are you?" You know you sound ridiculous, even the words coming out of your mouth sound whiny and pathetic but you need reassurance.

"I'm sorry I've missed so much, I wish I could be there for all the scans. But you're the only one for me and I can't wait to see you again and spend time with you and our baby girl. I'm not leaving you for a long time."

That's not what you meant. Although his words do make you feel a little better, you're still unsure. What if he finds parenting too hard and goes off with some other girl?

"Even when I'm super swollen and hungry and moody and she wakes us up at 3am for the 10th night in a row, you still won't leave?"

"Jenny, even if the baby is green and looks like an alien and you go old and grey with wrinkled skin, I'll still love you and won't leave you. You've stayed with me throughout the entire tour, never complaining when I spend too much time away from home or when I'm grumpy after a show. You put up with me on my worst days so you definitely deserve my best. Sometimes I can be the worst person, getting mad over nothing and then not apologising. And you drive me nuts when you still argue even though you know you're wrong, you always eat my favourite food from the fridge when I'm away for the day and spend way too much time on Instagram. But they're our flaws and we love each other despite them."

His words warm your heart and almost by hearing her daddy's words, your little girl kicks in your stomach.

"She just kicked! She totally agrees with you."

Shawn laughs and you join in, glad of his reassurance.

"Although if she does turn out to be green and looks like an alien, I'm blaming your genes, Mendes."

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