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"Gate 27 for Flight EH4462 To JFK Airport in New York City is now boarding."

Pressing pause on the movie on your iPad, you listen to the announcement. Its time to go. Packing it back into your bag, and lifting your heavy backpack onto your shoulders, you get up and join the ever growing line of people waiting to board your flight.

You're a little anxious, flying on your own for the first time. You're not a nervous flyer, but usually you have your family or friends with you. This time you're going to visit your aunt in New York by yourself and you're mainly worried about who you'll be sitting next to for the following 7 hours. You really hope it isn't some annoying kid or grumpy old man. You just want to enjoy Netflix in peace and quiet.

The line moves quickly and the flight attendant scans your boarding pass and passport before smiling and opening the gate for you.

You walk through the tunnel and down some stairs onto the tarmac. It's drizzling, another one of those grey days and you're glad to be leaving your home for a while. You've only been to New York once before so you're excited to explore it in more depth. 

You finally get into the plane and an air hostess points you in the direction of your seat. You're the middle seat in the row of three. How annoying.

No one is sitting in your row yet so you slip your backpack off your shoulders and slide into your assigned seat.

You watch as the plane fills up. You're feeling slightly anxious so you plug your earphones into your phone and shuffle The 1975's first album. The music floods your ears and you finally start to relax.

Someone taps you on the shoulder and you see an air hostess leaning over to you. Pulling out one earphone, you look at her.

"Hi, you'll need to put your backpack up in the over head compartments for take off."

You nod and she walks away, helping someone find their seat.

Normally you'd be okay with that, but you're pretty short and although you can just reach the overhead storage, there's no way you can hoist your heavy backpack up there.

Looking around, you see the other flight attendants are busy. Okay, time to do it on your own. Standing up, you pick up your bag into your arms and begin to try and push it up. However, your backpack overbalances you and you stumble backwards. Oh shit. You regain your footing, not wanting to fall down on someone behind you and embarrass yourself.

"Hey, do you need a hand?"

You turn and see a brunette guy, around your age, sitting in the row behind you. He smiles and stands up, towering over your 5ft 3" height. Wow, he must be like 6ft 2".

You nod and thankfully he takes your backpack out of your arms. He pretends to struggle with the weight.

"Damn what do you have packed in here? Bricks?"

You laugh as he lifts it with ease and slides it into the compartment.

"Thanks." You say gratefully and he smiles an award winning smile with perfect white teeth and all. Okay, damn. He's fine.

"No problem, have a good flight." He sits back down and you do too. Slightly disappointed by your brief contact with Mr Hottie.

Just as you're clicking your seatbelt in, your in-flight neighbors arrive. A mother with 2 twin boys. They look around 7 or 8 in age.

You see one of them is sitting in the row behind. The mother fusses about who's going sit in what seat and you can see she's stressed. Bless her, you wouldn't want to be in her position. One of the boys is holding his mom's hand, headphones over his ears. The other is playing a game on his phone, absorbed in clicking his thumbs furiously. She tells them twice to listen to her but neither do. You feel really bad for her. No mom wants to be separated from her kids for a flight.

"Excuse me, I'm happy to swap seats if you'd like to sit all together." You suggest and the mother smiles gratefully at you.

"Thank you so much." You can tell how much she means it. You're making her life just that little bit easier.

You slide out of your seat and let them all file in.

"Say thank you to the nice girl." The mom tells her kids and they both grin in sync at you.

"Thanks nice girl." They chime together and you laugh. Man does she have her hands full with those cheeky kids.

"No worries." You flop into the seat behind and sigh. It's going to be a long flight.


You turn to your slide and see the boy from earlier smiling at you. Okay big thumbs up. You're next to him for the whole flight? Thank all the gods that have put you in this position. You notice he has a small gold hoop in his left ear. He's in a grey sweatshirt and dark jeans with Converse on his feet. His long legs look kind of cramped in the small space.

"Hey." You reply with a smile.

"I'm Shawn." He sticks out his hand, you see that has a swallow tattoo inked onto it.

"Y/N." You say as you shake it.

"What are you listening to?" He points to your headphones and you show him on your phone screen. It's Robbers by The 1975.

"Man, I love that song. The 1975 are such a cool band." Shawn grins and you smile back.

"Yeah, they totally are. Have you ever seen them live?"

Shawn shifts in his seat so he's facing you, resting his elbow on the armrest.

"Yeah, a couple of times. Have you?"

"No, I'd love to though. I've heard they have such a good set."

"They're really good. Their crowd is amazing too. Creates such a good vibe."

"Yeah that matters a lot, I'd hate to be an artist who has a bad crowd of fans. If that's possible."

Shawn laughs and you grin. Okay maybe it's a bit dumb to say someone has bad fans.

"Yeah, it must suck."

You two chat more, all about music and film, geeking out over the stuff you have in common. The flight attendant announces that you're about to land and you realise that you've been talking to Shawn for most of the flight. You didn't even notice.

"Where are you staying in New York?" Shawn asks.

"Not far from Brighton Beach, my aunt lives in an apartment block there."

"Maybe we can meet up sometime?"

You smile.

"I'd like that."

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