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Inspired by the music video because I couldn't resist! Hope y'all like it- V xo (also this is a LONG one so brace yourselves)


The tinny tune of "Sweet Dreams" plays out through the speakers in the small diner. It's not a particularly busy day, the usuals coming in for their meals or coffee. The day is paced, the gentle and steady flow of work distracting you from the sweltering heat outside. A few customers are scattered around each booth, either chatting, eating or sipping their cool drinks.

The bell dings, signalling new customers and you wipe your hands on your little white apron. The Miami summer heat is a killer and you can feel sweat beading on your brow, trickling down your cheek. Taking a quick glance in the little mirror by the sink in the kitchen, you use some paper towels to dab your damp hairline.

The little fan on the counter blows warm air into your face as you pass it and it messes up your slightly damp hair.

Smoothing the flyaways down, you grab your notepad and pen, making your way over to the table of new customers. They're a group of girls, probably around your age. They laugh at their own jokes as they gaze at the menu.

Clearing your throat as you approach their table, you smile and roll off the usual speech.

"Hi I'm Y/N and I'm your waitress for today, what can I get you to drink to start off with?"

The group of girls giggle as they order and keep looking over at another booth opposite. You resist rolling your eyes and leave to find them their drinks.

You take your time sorting out their order, putting ice in the glasses and filling them up slowly. You think about your day off tomorrow and what you plan to do. The weather tomorrow is due to be even hotter than today and you sigh at the thought of roasting in your tiny apartment.

Shrill laughter breaks you from your reverie and your head snaps up to see the girls giggling like kids again. Ugh, it's so obvious that they're trying to get attention that it's almost painful. You glance over to where they keep looking and are not surprised to see a table of young guys, possibly around your age or a bit older.

They're all pretty handsome in that classic James Dean way. Your eye catches one guy though, he's more than good looking than the others, he's borderline beautiful. He's wearing a tight white t-shirt that stretches over his obviously toned torso. His dark brown hair is messy and the curls rest against his forehead. His pink, full lips are slightly puckered, his eyes watch the people in the parking lot, ignoring the conversation that's going on between the other guys on his table.

You can't see all of his features from where you're standing but suddenly you want to. You want to know exactly what he's thinking about, what colour his eyes are, what makes him smile. Does he have dimples? What does his laugh sound like?

You shake the thoughts away from your head and put all the drinks on the tray, carrying them over to the girls' table.

You give out the drinks one by one and quickly sneak a glance at the booth opposite. Your breath hitches as the beautiful boy locks eyes with you. His head is tilted slightly, like he's thinking about something while he's watching you.

He slides to the side as another waitress leans over, blocking his vision, as she collects the plates. His gaze doesn't falter as he studies you. You quickly look down and pick up the empty tray, ready to hide back in the kitchen.

"Um excuse me? We're ready to order." A blonde girl says from the booth as you try and walk away.

"Of course, what can I get you?" You try to breath normally as you scribble down the order, but you can feel his gaze burning into your back and searing your soul. You nod at the girls, confirming their order and resist the urge to run back to the safety of the kitchen. This beautiful boy makes you nervous, more than that, he makes your heart race.

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