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Standing in the club, listening to the thumping beat of the music, you contemplate your situation. How did you get here? Not literally, of course you know you took an Uber from your place but, how did you end up here? In this sweaty, loud club with Jacob?

Well firstly, Jacob has been pursuing you since you arrived at work about 4 months ago. Always asking you out for coffee or lunch. You're not dumb nor blind though, you can see his ulterior motives. Plus a few of the ladies at work told you that he gets around. You'd politely declined his invitations until it started getting awkward. How many more excuses could you make? So you'd caved when he said that he, and a few others from work were planning to go out to a club in the centre of town. At least it wouldn't be just you and him so he couldn't try anything.

Shawn had been a little worried, especially when you told him how hard Jacob tried to get close to you. You'd met Shawn through work and you hung out a bit after, resulting in a good friendship. He's the sweetest guy but, you know he isn't really interested in you more than friendship. Not when he has friends like Hailee Steinfeld. You definitely feel like you pale in comparison.

So, through sheer lack of excuses, you're here. You don't mind clubbing, but a lot of the time it's about the company rather than the club and your company sucks.

Jacob had been a gentleman at the beginning of the night, buying you drinks and telling you how nice you looked. Nice? Like you hadn't just spent a whole hour perfecting your smokey eye and eyeliner to be told you look just "nice". Jacob's hot, there's no denying it. He's Cali beach boy hot, with overgrown blond hair and sun kissed skin. He doesn't dress like a beach boy though, far from it. He's usually in jeans and vans, more like a skater. However, tonight he's in a pair of dress pants and smart shoes. Paired with a loose shirt, he looks pretty good. His normally shaggy hair is brushed and gelled back behind his ears.

You'd shared a couple of dances, leaving space between you two but enjoying the music.  Soon his interests had turned elsewhere, he'd disappeared off, claiming he'd gone to find you a drink. But, now you just look like a third wheel between your other work mates who all seem to have found someone to dance with or coupled off.

So now you're standing in the middle of the dance floor, your shoes are pinching, you're sweaty, tired and ready to go home. You try to find Jacob amongst the tightly packed bodies. He's pretty tall so it doesn't take you long to find his blond hair. Then you notice her. He has a gorgeous dark haired girl in his arms, they're dancing so close that even the Holy Spirit wouldn't fit between them.

You don't have a problem with him being with other girls, you're not dating and you don't want to. However, he's brought you here as his "date" (his words, not yours) and you damn well deserve to be treated as such. You do not stand for being second best, especially when he tried so hard to pursue you.

You march up to him with purpose, although you probably look like you're tottering in your heels. Tapping him hard on the shoulder, he turns around, seeing your expression, he steps back a little. The other girl sees the tension between you two and slowly backs away. Good idea, love, this could get messy.

"I thought you'd left?" Jacob yells over the loud music, you're fuming over the fact that he cares so little that he didn't even check if you left or not. Why did he even bother bringing you if he's just going to ditch you?

"No, I've been waiting at the damn table for that drink you offered," You pretend to check your invisible watch, "that you promised about 30 minutes ago."

"Look, Y/N, you're just playing too hard to get. I can't be bothered to try and seduce you when you're so damn frigid. You won't even let me touch your boobs." He shrugs.

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