Those Three Words

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Shawn invited you to hang with him on set for his new music video. You guys spend a lot of time together, especially recently and although you feel something more than friendship towards him, he's never indicated that he likes you anything more than that so you keep your feelings to yourself. 

Usually when you and Shawn hang out it's at his house or at yours and not somewhere so public. Your social anxiety can sometimes get the best of you and you had been half tempted to tell him you were sick this morning, but it meant not seeing him for a few weeks so you'd sucked it up and he'd picked you up in his car.

It's really busy as they're filming in a dark club. You're sitting on a chair while Shawn gets his makeup done. He's chatting away to his makeup artist while you watch and Snapchat some of it. He laughs when he catches sight of you filming him getting powdered.

"That better not be going anywhere..." He warns jokingly but he has a smile on his face. Shawn finishes up with makeup and has a spare 5 mins to sit down with you. He sits on the sofa, his knee gently brushing yours. You pull up Snapchat on your phone and put the dog filter on, Shawn sticks out his tongue and you giggle as you snap the photo before uploading it to your story. 

Shawn takes a selfie with you on his snapchat story and captions it as 'with my fave'. You internally blush at his comment but don't say anything. Soon your phone is buzzing with tweets and mentions from fans saying how cute you and Shawn look together and that they didn't know you're dating.

Some girl tweets saying: 'Since when were Shawn and Y/N dating, she's totally been friend zoned from day one'.

Her words sting but you're even more hurt that even the fans know you'll never have a chance with Shawn. Your face falls slightly and you sigh. You phone beeps with a tweet and you see that Shawn has replied to the girl: 'I think you're the one who's been "totally" fan zoned'. 

You laugh, damn he can be savage!

"Y/N, I kinda wanted to talk to you at a different time about this but I guess now is good. I really like spending time with you and hanging out."

He takes a deep breath.

"and I think I'm falling in love with you."

Your jaw literally drops to the floor. You can't believe those words came out of Shawn's mouth. Ever since he was in Magcon, you've been a fan of him then when you met him at his album signing and he tweeted you after saying how nice you were, you never, ever thought he would say those three words.

"I understand if you don't feel the same way..."

Shawn takes your silence as a negative and begins to backtrack.

"I mean it doesn't matter, you might like someone else-"

You press your lips to his, silencing him and he relaxes, entangling his fingers in your hair.

Every time you'd fantasised about kissing those soft lips, this was 1000 times better. Shawn pulls you closer by the back of your head and your cheeks flush pink.

"Rehearsal in 5 Shawn." You pull away and grin. Shawn smiles back cheekily.

"We'll finish this later." He gives you one more peck before disappearing out of the room, leaving you hot and flustered.

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