Baby Kicks

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You're sitting on the edge of your bed, trying to pull on your fluffy socks because your feet are cold but, you're making no progress because you have a huge swollen 6 month old baby bump and it's in the way. You struggle to stretch out your leg and pull on your sock, so you try and lie back on the bed with your feet in the air and stretch but you still can't reach. Huffing and sighing, you flop back onto the bed.

You'd call for your fiancé to help you but you hate being that person. You like doing things yourself.

"Stubborn" Shawn calls it. You prefer to say "independent".

By now, you're frustrated and too hot. You sit up and rip off your sweater, throwing it on the hardwood floor. You get up and begin to pace the room, annoyed that your feet are cold and your body is too hot.

Suddenly, you feel a little wiggle in your tummy. You stop dead and put both hands on the bump. You stand really still, barely breathing as you wait for your little baby to move again. Maybe you made it up? You count up to 30 before they kick again and you nearly scream with excitement.

You sprint out of your bedroom and practically fly into Shawn's music room. You skid to a stop at the doorway. He's sitting on a chair with his guitar, strumming something. You don't want to interrupt him but you also don't want to him to miss such an important milestone in your pregnancy.

"Shawn?" You half whisper from the door way.

"Hmm?" He questions, not looking up from the piece of paper he's scribbling on. He's wearing an oversized hoodie with some sweatpants. His hair is all ruffled and his cheeks are pink form the cold winter air that's coming in from the open window.

"Come here." You say and he looks up at you, holding your belly excitingly. You bite your lip to stop from telling him exactly what it is.

"What is it?" He looks nervous and you laugh.

"Just come here."

Slowly, Shawn puts his guitar down and walks towards you, his 6ft 2 figure blocking the winter sunshine from the window in his room. He leans against the door frame, resting his forearm on it and looks down at you.

You gently grab his free hand and place it on your belly before looking up at him, and grinning excitedly.

You can feel the baby moving around and it feels like little bubbles inside you. You giggle as Shawn's jaw drops. He takes his other hand from the door way so he has both hands on your tummy, cupping the bump. He kneels down so he's eye level with your belly and kisses it. Shawn stays still, seeing if he can feel the baby move again. And sure enough, the baby kicks once more.

Shawn makes a sound that's halfway between gasping and laughing. He stands up and grins at you before grabbing your face in between his hands and kissing you fully on the lips.

"I can't wait to meet our little one."

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