Seat B-22 • S.M. by carolinexx04
Seat B-22 • carolinexx04
Who knew a plane ride could be so...exhilarating?
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  • romcom
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Who do you think you are? ~ Shawn Mendes by ShawnMendessssFan
Who do you think you are? ~ Freya
At Pickering high school there is one bad boy worse than them all. The hallways are cleared where an imaginary red carpet is laid before his feet. Students and teachers...
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Bad Boy's Angel; Shawn Mendes  by mercysmendes
Bad Boy's Angel; Shawn Mendes by mercysmendes
"cmon just give me a chance" he said "oh i'm sorry but i don't give chances to assholes..." i smiled
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The new roommate  // S.M by ShawnsLittleMix
The new roommate // S.Mby Jessica
Ariana Parker, an normal girl with an normal life. Perfect grades and does not get bullied. Well actually she hates shool and basically all the teachers and it's hard to...
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Bad Reputation // Shawn Mendes  by byeespinosa
Bad Reputation // Shawn Mendes by :)
In which a girl is just trying to finish school and go to college but gets distracted by the schools bad boy Shawn Mendes and falls in love and into some trouble. Start...
  • fanfic
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Lost In Japan - Shawn Mendes (#Wattys2018) by gray_baee
Lost In Japan - Shawn Mendes ( G
Julia was on vacation, Shawn was working. The fact that she was a little distracted changed her whole life. She thought they would never see each other, but destiny has...
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The Bet //S•M {EDITING} by skylinemendes
The Bet //S•M {EDITING}by A & J♡
"What? You want me to date her? For $50?" Shawn smirked, looking over at her in debate. "That's what I said. It's a bet," Sam chuckled towards his b...
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Love Thy Neighbor [Shawn Mendes] by nutterbutter17
Love Thy Neighbor [Shawn Mendes]by nutterbutter17
An awkward first encounter with her famous neighbor leads to a complicated relationship for Jessica Levine.
  • fanfiction
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  • shawnmendes
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Daddy [s.m] by mendesbearss
Daddy [s.m]by mendesbearss
He was the total opposite of what I'd imagine the man I'd fall in love with. But unfortunately, I did. I fell in love with my captor. ...
  • wattys2018
  • abusivecontent
  • swirl
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The New Teacher (Shawn Mendes) by itsonlylivi
The New Teacher (Shawn Mendes)by livi
"They say we always want things we can't have, and sometimes that thing is your teacher." Aurora expected her senior year at high school to be the same old rou...
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The Free Pass [Shawn Mendes] by nutterbutter17
The Free Pass [Shawn Mendes]by nutterbutter17
Shawn Mendes receives shocking news after a carefree hook-up. He and Mallory Everett have big decisions to make as they are forced to start a life together.
  • fanfiction
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  • pregnancy
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This Was Only Ever Meant To Be For One Night (Shawn Mendes) by PerfectlyImperfect89
This Was Only Ever Meant To Be PerfectlyImperfect89
Catching feelings for your one night stand is totally against the rules right? That's what Shawn and Callie agree when a chance meeting brings them together for one unfo...
  • fanfiction
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  • mendes
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the fall • s.m. by justsimplymaggie
the fall • mags✨
"Falling for you is dangerous. I can't control my own emotions, my own movements when I'm with you. If I fall in love, you know what will happen next between us. Th...
  • fanfic
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  • shawnmendes
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Endless S.M by worstofyou
Endless S.Mby worstofyou
"Don't act like I'm some fucking messed up psycho when all I did was love you" Shawn scowled as he neared his face towards mine so his words were fresh in my m...
  • stitches
  • heartbreak
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Broken Love; sm by xcoffeeandsunsetsx
Broken Love; smby ;
"You can't love me. I'm broken." A book in which an abused, and depressed girl falls in love for the first time and finds herself along the way. ***HUGE TRIGGE...
  • mendes
  • selfharm
  • mattespinosa
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Shawn Mendes Imagines  by chatmendes
Shawn Mendes Imagines by chatmendes
Found this guy a while ago. He's kinda cool so here are some imagines. Requests open.
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Messages ↠ s.m by problematicbucky
Messages ↠ s.mby BEA
201 452 7388; Hey 909 520 1348; Who is this? 201 452 7388; Oh this isn't Cameron? 909 520 1348; No this is Scarlett 201 425 7388; Oh sorry about that. 909 520 1348; It's...
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Underground by Babezcanwrite
Undergroundby Babezcanwrite
Shawn Michaels has learnt not to trust or care for anyone through his damaged upbringing. A skilled MMA fighter, Shawn makes all the money he could ever need by beating...
  • romance
  • shawn
  • innocent
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lovefool; shawn mendes by shawnsparticular
lovefool; shawn mendesby c.
In which a boy's feelings for his significant other change so he tries to love her again. - @shawnsparticular 2018 All Rights Reserved
  • handwritten
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The Exchange Student | Shawn Mendes Fan Fiction by whoisms
The Exchange Student | Shawn Michel S
Being an exchange student should be fun, right?
  • canada
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