Virgin Part 7

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You nod, lifting your head sleepily and he slides out from underneath you. He slips on his tee and some boxers before rolling you into his arms and walking you to your bed. He drops you softly and pulls up the duvet. Pressing a gentle kiss to your head, you fall asleep to the sound of the shower running.

You wake after a satisfyingly long sleep. Blinking, you cover your eyes from the sunlight streaming through your window. You'd forgotten to close the curtains last night? That's unusual.

Suddenly, all of your memories from yesterday come flooding back. Jacob's advances, Shawn's rejection, dinner with Catherine, Shawn turning up at 2am last night.

You bolt up out of the bed, pull on a t-shirt from a pile the floor and creep into your living room.

The couch is empty, but you can hear the radio on in the kitchen. You poke your head through the door and see Shawn in front of the oven and hob. The clock reads 8am, so you've got time to talk to him before you have to rush to work.

"Morning Y/N!" Shawn chirps and you groan, not being a morning person.

"I'm making pancakes, if that's okay." Wow morning Shawn is nice, you could get used to this. If he decided to not confuse you every moment.

You plonk yourself down on a stool at the counter and Shawn pours you a coffee from your machine.

"Thanks." You take a sip and watch him move around the kitchen. He's dressed in his crumpled shirt and pants from yesterday, his hair is tousled and slightly curly at the front. You blush at the thought of what you two were up to last night.

Shawn slides a plate with two pancakes in front of you, they're stacked with banana and blueberries round the edges. Plus maple syrup of course. Your stomach grumbles in anticipation.

"You definitely worked up an appetite last night."

Man, why does he have to bring this up right now? Can't you at least finish your coffee first?

You nod, pretending to be busy eating. Then he can't engage in more mortifying conversation.

"So, how about a proper date?"

WHAT?! A real date with Shawn? But didn't he say you shouldn't be having feelings?

"Aren't you the one who laughed at me for saying that I want something more than sex?"

"And aren't you the one who rejected me when I offered you to stay over? And yesterday, you called me "just a shag"." Shawn does air quotes with his fingers for emphasis and you roll your eyes.

"If I agree, what do you have in mind?"

He's standing leaning against the cupboards. He's almost too big in your tiny kitchen. Shawn smirks over the counter at you as he sips his coffee and now you wish you'd never asked.

"I'm not going on some lame ass date with you Shawn, plus if we do go, I have to figure out what to wear."

"What you're in now is fine." You glance down at your attire, an oversized grey t-shirt with a Nike logo. Damn this is Shawn's, he must have left it over when you guys used to hang out and watch movies at yours. Before the complicated dynamic between you two, before the sex.

"I'll wash it and give it back but I'm not wearing it on a date. Which reminds me, I want my panties back."

Shawn laughs and you're mad again. Why did he have to steal your ONLY clean pair?! And you're not going commando at work.

"I need them back now. I don't have time to do laundry before work."

"Oh, you're not going to work today."

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