Virgin Part 8

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You point to the fading love bite on Shawn's neck, a mark of victory for you. Shawn narrows his eyes, as if he hasn't forgotten you're leading on the scoreboard. Okay maybe you two are even after Shawn's bite AND his change of tactic in your sexual adventures last night. He straightens his back and pulls you to the door.

"Good, then let's go."

Shawn parks his car on the drive away after a short trip to his house. He kills the engine and you sit in silence for a moment, both staring out through the wind shield.

You sigh, remembering the last time you were here, sitting in this car, in his driveway. The rejection after the kiss, even now it still stings. Shawn swallows audibly and you'd bet on that fact that he's probably thinking about it too. Does he still regret it?

Obviously sensing the awkwardness, Shawn swings open the door and jumps out of the car. He runs around and opens your door for you. Okay, Shawn's being a gentleman tonight, how long will this last?

You mumble a 'thanks' and slide out of the car, following Shawn into his house, again, thinking about the previous time you were here.

Last time you'd walked in this door, you were a virgin on a war path about the way Jacob had treated you at the club.

Now, you're not a virgin but still mad about Jacob and his obsessive behaviour.

You look around the space. You've been to Shawn's a bunch of times before but this time, you actually take in the details.

You always remember the bare brick wall with a mounted TV, surrounded by framed records on the walls. But there are smaller things, things your eye didn't catch the first time. Like the baby cactus that looks very under watered on the coffee table, an stained empty coffee cup next to it. Some sheet music with a pen on the side, a worn guitar pick with Shawn's initials on the back of it. Next to the big comfy couch that you've spent many nights crashing on after a night out, is a black, super squishy and comfy chair. A phone cable is resting on it, still plugged into the wall. You'd named it the charging chair as Shawn always sat there to charge his phone; it's the little things that matter.

In a way, you miss yours and Shawn's easy going friendship. The laughs, the joking around. Of course you'd fancied him but you'd pushed those feelings down and favored friendship. And given the opportunity for those when those feelings to rear their head, you'd slept with Shawn. And the sex had complicated everything. Now you're standing on an edge, behind you is blank, you can't take back the sex or the arguments, so leaving Shawn now would be like you'd never met him. But down, off the cliff edge is where you're scared. You're not ready to jump off the edge into a relationship, if Shawn isn't there to catch you.

"I'm just gonna change, make yourself comfortable. There's drinks and food in the kitchen if you want anything."

Why is Shawn making this awkward? You've been here a ton of times before and he never treated you so formally. You nod, dropping down onto the couch. You switch on the TV, flicking through the channels until settling on an episode Spongebob.

You hear some shuffling in the other room and the door opens.

Shawn emerges wearing dark wash jeans and a white sleeveless tee. The top is cut off at the shoulders with a raw edge, revealing his toned biceps.

Okay, wow. You had not expected him to turn up in this. Yep, it's official, you're going on a date with the hottest man on this Earth.


You jump up, switching off the TV and smile.

"Yes, sir."

Shawn's eyes darken and you bite your lip. Right, definitely a kink word. That'll come handy in your next sex escapades.

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