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Kaycee groaned as she rubbed the back of her shoulder. She titled her head to either side, but that still didn't help. "Shoulder still hurting you, Sweetheart?" Her husband, Sean came into the bedroom, where she was at.

"Yeah." Kaycee sighed, seeing if sitting up straight would help. It didn't. Sean sympathetically smiled and sat on the bed behind Kaycee. He slowly started working his thumbs into her skin, making her smile. "Thanks for this." She said in somewhat of a whisper.

"Of course." Sean replied, simply continuing his massage, and kissing the shoulder that was bringing her pain. Kaycee knew she had stuff to get done, but it could wait. The pain in her shoulder had become almost blinding.

The doctor and chiro had told Kaycee it was a stress response problem, and once hearing that, Sean suggested that maybe she should take a break from all of her work at some nearby studios, while she was also balancing a role in a professional company. She didn't listen.

Kaycee sniffled a few times as a few tears hit her cheeks. She hated crying, but her shoulder was hurting so bad, she was so stressed, and she was incredibly sleep deprived. Kaycee couldn't help it anymore.

"Shh, Sweetheart, relax. Take a deep breath." Sean whispered, continuing to work his thumbs to loosen the knot in her shoulder.

"I can't." Kaycee's voice cracked as she broke down in tears.

"Come here." Sean turned her around and faced his wife. He kissed under her eyes as her tears fell. "You need to take a break." He whispered.

"I know..." Kaycee sighed, falling into Sean's arms.

Sean sat Kaycee up gently after a moment. "Do you want me to finish working out your shoulder a bit?"

"Please." Kaycee's voice croaked.

"Of course." Sean kissed her lips. "It might help if you take your hoodie off, Love, but you don't have to if you're not comfortable."

Kaycee simply shook her head as she pulled the heavy fabric over her head, leaving her in a pair of leggings and a black sports bra.

Sean's thumbs went back to the skin on her shoulders, paying close attention to the shoulder with the pain in question. He continued the massage for a little longer until he felt Kaycee's entire body seem to get heavy. "You're exhausted, Love. Why don't you nap for a bit? I'll call in takeout or something."

"Would you?" She asked quietly.

"Of course. Lay down." Sean kissed her shoulder once more, followed by a kiss on the top of her head.

"Thank you for the massage." She said, weakly.

"No need to thank me, Love."

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