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gracealivia1519, hey, Love! I flipped the script a bit, but I hope you enjoy! ❤

Kaycee was starting to worry about Sean. He hadn't been performing in class as well as he always did, and that's exactly how she knew something was up. "Sean, are you okay?" Kaycee asked when she saw him gasping for air in a way. She could tell he was in a lot of pain somewhere.

"Yeah, fine." Sean gasped.

"No, you don't look fine. Come here, sit down, what hurts?" Kaycee coaxed.

"Nothing, I'm perfect." Sean forced a tone that made him sound somewhat okay.

"You're not, Love, just tell me what's hurting you so that I can fix it."

"Kaycee, please, I'm okay, I swear." Sean started. Still, Kaycee wasn't having it. At the same time, they still had rehearsals. Sean promised he'd take it easy, and Kaycee let him go.


Sean walked into the studios on crutches the next morning. "What happened?!" Kaycee exclaimed.

"Stress fracture." Sean stated, looking down at his boot encased foot.

"Sean!" Kaycee whined. "I told you to rest."

"I know, and I didn't, okay?!" Sean snapped. "Ah! Will is going to kill me! I was supposed to have that piece done, and--"

"Hey, relax, relax. It'll be okay, I promise. Listen, I'll go up there and talk to him with you, if you want me to." Kaycee offered.

"No, it's my problem, I have to do it on my own." Kaycee nodded and watched as Sean slowly approached Will on his crutches. She watched as they talked, she saw Will pinch the bridge of his nose and shake his head. That couldn't be good. Sean came back only moments later. "He sent me home. Said he didn't want to torture me by making me watch." Sean stated quietly.

"Then hey, I'll go home with you." Kaycee decided. "He'll understand. We can go home and rest and get you better, yeah?"


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