YouTube Announcement

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Kaycee swallowed hard as she sat down on the bed. Sean sat beside her, and the two exchanged an awkward glance. They were about to make an online-life changing announcement, and to make matters worse, they weren't even in the comfort of their own home. "Ready?" Sean asked, and Kaycee nodded, then Sean turned the camera on.

"Hey, Guys. It's Kaycee, welcome back to another video." She froze as she started to see the pending comments.

I knew from the beginning that Kaycee wasn't acting like herself.

0:00 - her lack of enthusiasm broke my heart

What are we going to do without smiley Kayc?

Kaycee cleared her throat; she had to continue. "Um, Sean and I are on our tour with Shaping Sound right now, that's why the backdrop looks a little different." She took a deep breath. "Listen, this is a different video today. More of an announcement." Tears filled her eyes, and Sean rubbed her back. "Um..." Her gaze fell to her knees.

"Do you need a minute?" Sean whispered, and Kaycee nodded. Sean stood up and paused the recording. "Sweetheart?" He asked, following the girl into the hotel bathroom. "What's going on in that pretty head of yours?"

"What if...what if we lose all of our fans because of this. How will they react, how will--" Kaycee rambled on.

"No, no." Sean stopped, shaking his head. "Our true fans will stay. You know that. They love you for you. Not for any pictures you post or people you surround yourself with. You will not lose anyone, not even me. It may seem like it, but you won't. I know this is scary and different, but it is what's best, you know that too." Sean coaxed. Kaycee nodded.

"Thanks, Sean." She dried her eyes.

"Ready to go back?" Sean asked, rubbing her shoulder.

"It is now or never." Kaycee whispered. The two walked back to the hotel bed with the crisp white sheets. They perched themselves back in their original spots, and Sean resumed the camera recording.

"Hey, Guys, we're back. Sorry, we both just needed a moment." Sean stated, Kaycee nodded.

"Listen, we came on to tell you all that..." Kaycee exhaled loudly, rubbing her hands over her already red and tear stained cheeks. "That Sean and I have decided to take a break." Sean looked down at his hands.

Sean slowly raised his head. "And please understand that we aren't just going to never speak to each other again. I mean..." He chuckled dryly, painfully. "I still love you." Sean looked over at Kaycee, a tear or too pricked the corners of his eyes.

Kaycee looked over at Sean as well, tears slipping past her eyelashes and drying onto her cheeks. "I still love you too." She brushed away her tears and turned back to the camera. "It's just that dating someone in this industry is hard. There's a lot of competition, constantly, and the pressure with all the cameras and interviews, and being so close to each other for months, even years on end while touring..." Kaycee drew out.

"It just started bleeding into our private life." Sean filled in Kaycee's thought.

"Yes. It did." Kaycee nodded. "We just couldn't even have dinner with each other, alone, without work coming up or interrupting. I mean, all the intimate moments that couples always have...we just couldn't...because of our careers." Sean nodded, gently kissing Kaycee's cheek. "This is merely an intermission. Not the end of the act."

"Who knows? Maybe we'll get back together someday." Sean joked, looking over at Kaycee once more.

"Maybe." Kaycee smiled gently. "But yeah, guys," She dried her tears. "That's just what we wanted to say. Also our updating schedules might be a bit off because of tour, but we are trying our best. You can catch Sean at SeanLewVlogs on YouTube and here, on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat." She pointed to the corner of the frame where she would later edit in all of Sean's social media handles. "And you all know that I am KayceeRiceOfficial on everything."

"Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe. Maybe even hit that little bell, if you want to." Sean finished.

"Goodness, you're so basic." Kaycee chuckled. "Bye, Guys, see you in another video." She put her hand over the lense and cut the recording.

"That's a wrap." Sean told Kaycee.

She nodded. "Yep." They made gentle eye contact. "And I am going to need some takeout before we film it again for your channel."

"I can make that happen." Sean smiled, grabbing his coat, phone, and Kaycee's hand.

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