Navy (Sixième)

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Two months later...

"You're too stressed, Love." Sean announced, walking into the corridor, where he found his wife pacing. Chaos had fallen through the country, which put a lot of stress onto the King and Queen. "Listen, you have to trust Alex, yeah?" Kaycee nodded, still biting her fingernail as she paced. "Here, take a sip of this, Darling." Sean handed Kaycee a glass of white wine.

"Why do you just have that?" Kaycee joked.

"Because I was drinking it. Now, you need to relax." Sean pushed the glass closer to Kaycee. She took a sip and scrunched her nose up at the taste of the alcohol.

"I didn't enjoy that." She mumbled, handing her husband the glass back. Sean sympathetically smiled and kissed his wife's cheek.

"We have some time before the Address, why don't we take a nap, yeah? We both need it." Sean suggested, and Kaycee nodded. Maybe she did just need to rest.


"Your Highness! Your Highness, wake up!" Kaycee woke up to one of the castle gaurds shaking her shoulder. Her eyes snapped open, and she yelped, seeing Richard above her, and Sean not beside her. It didn't take long for her to realize how badly her entire body was shaking, and that there were tears drying to her cheeks.

"Where's Sean?!" She gulped a few breaths down as she attempted to steady herself. "Get him, please!" She gasped. Richard nodded and went to retrieve the King.

"Kaycee?" Sean asked, closing the bedroom door. "What happened?" He ran up to her and kissed each of her cheeks, right below either eye, where her tears were still falling one by one.

"I-I don't know." Kaycee shook her head.

"Did you have a nightmare, Love?" Sean asked, jumping to a reasonable conclusion.

"M-Maybe. It's all blurry. I'm just so scared, Sean." Kaycee cried.

"Why are you scared, Sweet? Why are you scared?" Sean asked, rubbing his thumb against her cheek.

"Everyone thinks I'm a terrible Queen! I can't handle this! And all the cameras...and..." Kaycee rambled off.

Sean took a deep breath and bit the inside of his cheek before speaking. "You are not a terrible Queen, do you understand me?" Kaycee's eyes frantically scanned over Sean's face; she couldn't tell where this angry tone was coming from. "Do you understand me?!" Sean asked again, this time in a louder tone of voice.

"Y-Yes!" Kaycee stuttered, squeezing her eyes shut, scared for what she thought Sean was going to do.

"Good. Thank you." Sean smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to Kaycee's lips. Kaycee's heartbeat finally settled to a normal rate as she breathed against Sean's shoulder. "You're going to be amazing, yeah? Believe me."

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