Beaten Up (Trois)

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Sean hadn't slept the greatest since Kaycee came over to his apartment, in the rain, all black and blue. He stumbled into rehearsal, rubbing his eyes. His eyes had dark circles under them, and he was yawning every five seconds. Sean immediately woke up when he noticed Kaycee stretching in the corner. Then he realized that Kaycee wasn't in the apartment when he woke up. He was too distracted by his own thoughts. "Kaycee!" Sean exclaimed, basically running over to her. "Where were you this morning?" He asked in a hushed voice, seeing as other dancers had started to flood into the studios. Sean grabbed her hand, and basically started pulling her to the bathroom, making Kaycee basically scream. It had become hard for her to differentiate who was who, especially after the night that she had last night.

"Please let me go. Sean, it doesn't matter where I was at." She whispered, blinking back tears.

Sean's eyes widened. "Kaycee, follow me to the bathroom, please." He whispered. Sean somehow figured out how to bridal style carry Kaycee to the family sized bathroom in the studio. He sat her on the sink.

"Sean, we have rehearsals soon, with Brian, we can't be late. He's doing our whole new show!" Kaycee fought against Sean, but he wouldn't let her go.

"Hey, we're fine." Sean coaxed. "Now," He inhaled sharply. "You've got to be honest with me. Did you or did you not go see Michael last night?"

Kaycee's eyes filled with tears that she couldn't blink away. "I did. Right after you went to bed, I went back home, because I didn't want to be a burden on you, and--"

"Love, for one, anywhere with Michael is not home, and two, did he do anything?" Sean asked, and Kaycee nodded. "What did he do to you?"

Kaycee took a deep breath before jumping off the counter, and she slowly removed her oversized tshirt. She winced in pain as she raised her arms, but she fought through it, and was soon axiously standing in front of Sean, in leggings and a black sports bra. Kaycee made eye contact with Sean, and subconsciously covered her stomach with her arms. Sean slowly removed her arms, seeing the purple and brown bruises that were flowering under her skin. He held her hand and walked a full circle around the girl, seeing that the bruises wrapped all the way around her torso. "He also..." Kaycee got choked up, and her eyes started to frantically search for her shirt. She eyed it, sitting on the counter, where Sean had put it, and she lunged for it.

Sean stopped her. "What's happened? What did he do to you, Kaycee, I need to know. I'll go get Brian, if you won't tell me." Sean knew that was harsh, but it was what had to happen.

"No! No! No! You wouldn't!" Kaycee exclaimed, her breaths becoming more and more choppy.

Sean sighed, and tightly shut his eyes for a moment. "Kaycee, I'm going to go get Brian. Love, we need to talk to an adult about this. Yes, we're grown up, but we need an adult for this, Kaycee. This is out of our hands, and we need help. I'm not sure how else to help. We need to let Brian in." With that, he left the bathroom, and Kaycee threw her shirt back on, and sat in the corner. Almost as if on cue, the door swung open, revealing Sean and Brian.

"I've heard that we need to talk." Brian stated, kneeling down beside Kaycee, who was cowering away from Brian. Sean knelt in front of her, and Brian went to grab her hand for comfort, but Kaycee pulled it away.

"Don't hurt me!" She shrieked.

"I won't hurt you, Kaycee. You know that. It's Brian, you know who I am." He told Kaycee, his eyebrows bending in concern.

"Kaycee, you can trust Brian. You trusted me, and Brian is an adult. You can trust him. Talk to him about what's happening. He's going to help you." Sean coaxed.

"We have rehearsals, we can't be here." Kaycee tried to leave, but Brian and Sean collectively got her to stay. "Let me go! Let me go!" Kaycee fought against Sean's hug, but he wouldn't let her. She resumed her place in the corner, and put her head in her hands.

"Kaycee..." Brian's voice drew out as his fingers hovered above the bruises on her neck. "Who did this to you?" Kaycee crawled deeper into the corner, making her shirt roll up, revealing the bruises she showed Sean only minutes earlier. "Kaycee Rice, who gave you these bruises?" Sean slowly ducked out of the room, giving the two space.

"I can't tell you."

"You've told Sean, Kaycee. You can tell me." Brian coaxed. "I'll get you both back to the studios, and we can start learning our show, once you tell me where those nasty bruises came from."

"Michael." Kaycee admitted. "But please don't tell anyone this! He already knows Sean knows, and last night, he--" Kaycee stopped herself. Brian's expression showed his concern like a mirror. "There, I told you, now, we need to go learn this show." Kaycee babbled off, basically running out of the bathroom.

Brian put his head in his hands for a moment, before standing up and leaving the room. "She's staying with you, right?" Brian asked Sean.

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Keep her there. That kid didn't deserve any of that." Sean nodded, even though they were far from kids at this age. "And who's this Michael?"

"Her ex-boyfriend." Sean admitted. "Yes, Kaycee was in an abusive relationship."


Part four coming up! And what do you think Brian's going to do with this newfound information? Leave a comment! Xoxo! ❤

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