Care // Broadway AU

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A/N: This goes in with my Off Broadway stories (check out The Moon, The Sun, and Everything Else, if you want to check it out!) But anyway, this one is Seacyee (of course), and you don't have to know those to read this one! Enjoy! Xx. ❤

Kaycee sighed as a tear or two fell down her cheeks. She shuddered as more fell, some even dripping down and landing on her legs. She turned behind herself saw Sean, laying beside her, deep in a dream about something. Probably the next show he was going to write; he always seemed to talk a lot about his crazy dreams, no doubt he could spin one of them into a Broadway show. Maybe a Broadway show that wouldn't be closing. Kaycee turned back around, legs still hanging off the edge of their shared bed. She'd had such a restless night, it had gotten to be frustrating. She had tried every trick in the book, and nothing was working. Kaycee laid back down, facing the same wall she'd been staring at for hours. A few more tears slipped past her eyelashes, and she tried to stay as quiet as possible with her sniffling, but she was a little too loud at one point. She had woken Sean up.

"What's wrong?" He asked in a whisper, not to startle her. He felt her breath hitch at the sudden noise of his voice as he gently turned her to face him.

"It's nothing." Kaycee said softly.

"There's got to be something. Why are you crying, Love?" Sean turned the bedside lamp on, and the room was suddenly painted a warm shade of yellow. He knew Kaycee rarely cried. He might've only seen her cry one time prior to now. And he wasn't even certain on that one.

"I just cannot fall asleep for the life of me, and I'm just so tired, and I'm just...I'm so tired." She buried her head into Sean's shoulder.

"I can tell, only exhausted you repeats things unintentionally." He sympathetically smiled. "Maybe you're just trying too hard." Kaycee couldn't help but smile at his witty remark. She looked back up at him. Sean carefully trailed his thumb over the stray tear on her cheek and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. He brought his arm around her waist, carefully. Kaycee settled finally once this newfound calmness had hit her. But still, sleep wasn't seeming to be in her cards. The warm ambiance of the dim lamplight wasn't helping. Sure, Sean's fingers slowly running through the tips of her hair calmed her down, but she still couldn't just fall all the way asleep.

"A-And my head hurts, and my throat is scratchy, and--" Kaycee stopped herself and hid her face again, this time between Sean's pillow and her own.

"I know, Princess. I know, come here." He leaned his girl towards himself once more. Sean moved where his arm was on her so that she could comfortably lay against his shoulder. In all truthfulness, he did know how she was feeling. This always happened after a full week of nonstop rehearsal. You'd get a day off at the end of the week, and it would all just hit you right then and there. Sean sighed, seeing as though Kaycee got it the worst of everyone in the cast. I mean, she was thrown into a lead role, and ontop of it all, she had the life of the show, so to speak, on her shoulders. There was no denying that she was under the most stress, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Kaycee was starting to feel the weight of sleep upon her eyelids, but something was still bothering her. She pulled her legs up closer to her, and the blankets higher up, but she could not find a comfortable temperature for herself. "I can feel you shivering, my goodness." Sean whispered. He let go of her for just a moment to go retrieve a hoodie of his. "Here you go." Kaycee smiled and quickly slipped the hoodie over her head. The heavy fabric shielded her from the tundra that was their bedroom, and she finally found her comfort. Sean smiled to himself as she started falling asleep. Soon, he felt her shoulders fall, and that's when he knew, she definitely was out. At that, he went back to sleep himself.


It was nine o'clock when Sean was sipping his coffee and heard footsteps on the opposite side of the apartment. “There she is.” He smiled and wrapped Kaycee up in a hug as she entered the kitchen. “You look better already.” Sean kissed the side of her forehead.

“Don’t feel it.” Kaycee’s voice was still raspy, and her sentence was followed by a brief fit of coughing. Sean let go of her waist and looked her right in the eye. Kaycee figured that she knew where this was going.

“Come here.” Sean sat her down on one end of the table, and sat himself on the opposite side. “Listen, you’ve got to start taking closer care of yourself.” Sean laid his hands out in front of her. Kaycee hesitantly touched her palms to his. “No, really, you need to. You need to start holding a schedule.” He knew she had just been eating and sleeping wherever she could. The green room on the far East side of the rehearsal studios had become her makeshift bedroom, and as for eating, well, that was hit or miss. She either found reasonable times for some good snacking, or she didn’t eat until 11:45, if she even ate at all on those days. “Start waking up and going to sleep at the same time, even on days off.” Kaycee parted her lips to protest, but Sean kept talking. "And you have to have three meals a day. That's crucial."

"There's literally never any time to manage all of that! I can barely eat one meal with the schedule of this show!" She fought back, but instantly regretted it, seeing as it hurt her throat even more. She cleared her throat and winced in pain.

"Babe, shh, I don't want you hurting your throat even more. Just listen, you're going to burn yourself out like this. You seriously have to start taking really good care of yourself. You're insanely talented and I've seen too many insanely talented people throw it away by doing what you're doing. I don't want that to happen to you. We're athletes too. We really are. Workout schedule is important too. You need to keep your stamina up to do all these shows, so we can start running. Or go to the gym. Whichever, but it's seriously important. I...I can't stand watching you make yourself sick." Sean took a breath after his "speech".

"You know the show is getting closed, Sean." Kaycee said in a hoarse whisper.

"Not if we can keep it on." He winked. "And that's why taking care of yourself matters so much. You, Kaycee, you are what is going to keep this show going." Sean stood up and went around to Kaycee's chair. "Look at me, Love." Kaycee slowly made eye contact with the director. "You are a star." He chuckled gently and was about to kiss Kaycee until she stopped him.

"You'll get sick, don't kiss me."

"I'll risk it." Sean laughed and pressed his lips against the brunette's.

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