Acceptance Speech

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"If you win, have the time of your life.
Tell your manager, dad, and your mom, "Thanks."
Say hi to your kids and your husband or wife.
Maybe just for the [heck] of it, Tom Hanks!"
-Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tony Awards 2013 Opening Number

Sean paced the floor of his apartment, running a hand through his hair as he read over what he had writen. Deciding that he didn't like it, he ripped the page off of the binding of the yellow notepad. Sean crumpled the paper and threw the ball to the ground.

"Alright, I give up!" Sean announced, opening the door to his shared bedroom with his fiancee, Kaycee.

"What do you give up on?" Kaycee chuckled gently, moving her laptop from her crossed legs over to the empty side of the matress.

Sean sat beside her. "My acceptance speech."

"Oh, right for the Oscar's!" Kaycee's eyes lit up.

"Yeah. And it's a very strong "if", but if I win one, I don't know what I'm going to say!" Sean frowned.

"I think you'll do great. It is amazing you were nominated! Anyway, the show isn't even for five months. You have a lot of time to figure this out, Hon." Kaycee rubbed Sean's back.

Sean ran his hands over his face. "But with wedding preparations, and with the studio, and--"

"Oh hush." Kaycee swatted the air above the two. "You're thinking too deeply on this."

Sean thought, looking over at Kaycee. "You think?"

"I know." She laughed. Kaycee pulled her laptop over and shut it down as she stood up from the bed. "You were up late last night, why don't you nap on it while I make dinner?"

"Okay." Sean half smiled and kissed Kaycee's lips.

Kaycee let Sean get some rest and she went down the stairs to get dinner started. Kaycee caught a glimpse of one of the crumpled papers and opened it up.

I would like to thank the Academy, but I would most importantly like to thank my fiancee, Kaycee Rice.

Kayce, I cannot wait until I can call you Kaycee Lew. You have my heart and you are my one, true love. You helped, encouraged me to be my best throughout this entire film, and I cannot thank you enough. You're the strength in our relationship, I love you to the moon and back. Thank you.

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