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Circa 1966

Sean perched an unlit cigarette between his teeth as he sat down at his drafting table. Once he got comfortable in his chair, Sean lit the cigarette and exhaled a steady stream of smoke.

Morale had been low at the Walt Disney Animation Studios ever since the announcement the previous night. Some animators didn't even show up to work the next day.

Sean stared blankly at his sketchbook. His fingers rested around his drawing pencil, and he touched the tip of the pencil to the page. Nothing happened. His hand didn't move. No inspiration came. Sean sat up and left his office, beginning to pace the halls, looking for inspiration. Nothing struck.

Sean poured himself a cup of coffee and went back to his desk, hoping for some animation inspiration to come.


A cracked smile crossed Sean's face as he shakily picked up the sketches he had just spent the entire day working on. "Walt! Walt! Disney, Sir! I've done it! I've drawn--" Sean ran to Disney's office, and pushed the door open.

His smile fell when he saw his coworker Kaycee sitting on the floor in their boss' office. "Sean?" She asked quietly. Kaycee set down the papers she was filing and dedicated her full attention to Sean.

Sean's hands shook and his grip tightened around his drawings. The circles under his eyes were darker than Kaycee had ever seen. His skin was pale, and he looked incredibly exhausted. Everything came down on his shoulders at once. "I can't handle this." Sean admitted, dropping his paper. "God, I don't want it to be true." He shook his head.

Kaycee stood up and wrapped Sean in a hug. "I don't want it to be real either."

"Are we all out of a job?" Sean mumbled.

Kaycee frowned. "I don't know. I'm just focused on keeping Walt's legacy alive."

Sean pulled out of the hug. "But nobody has an imagination like he did."

"I know, but maybe that's where we come into play." Kaycee picked up Sean's drawings. She filed through the rough draft sketches, a small smile creeping onto her cheeks. "Sean, this are amazing." Her eyes sparkled.

"You really think so?" Sean took the papers back. "Do you think Disney would like them?"

"He would've loved them."



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