Beaten Up (Quatre)

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"Kaycee, I'd like to speak to you." Will approached the girl as she was stretching before class. Kaycee nodded and followed her teacher to his office.

"Yes?" Kaycee asked, a slight quiver to her voice.

"Yesterday, after the rehearsals for the  Spring show, Brian let me know some information, and--" Will started, but Kaycee cut him off.

"He told you about...about..." Kaycee's eyes filled with tears.

"Yes, Kaycee, he told me about Michael. He said you're being abused, is that true?" Will asked. He loved all his students like they were his own children, and he couldn't even stand the thought of one of them in an abusive relationship.

"I left him. I'm living with Sean now." Kaycee told him.

"Sean Lew?" Will needed clarification.

"Yes, Sir." Kaycee whispered.

"Alright, do you promise me that you're safe?" Will asked.

"I promise." Kaycee told him as he wrapped her in a hug.


It was after rehearsals when Kaycee was riding home with Sean, as per usual, nowadays. "What's going on?" Sean asked. "You're mad, I can tell."

"Brian told Will about everything." Kaycee grumbled, staring out the window. She heard Sean sigh.

"Sweet," Sean started, placing a hand on Kaycee's knee. His thumb started tracing mindless swirls into the fabric of her leggings. "You know that's for the best, right? We all want just want to help you."

"But it isn't his place to go around telling everyone." Kaycee kept her stare out the window.

"He just wanted to make sure you're s--"

"And I am safe!" Kaycee interrupted him. "I'm safe with you and that's final. I'm done having this past relationship tied to me like nobody is ever going to love me again because of it! Why can't we all just move on?!" She snapped, not even bothering to look away from the passing trees and cars.

"Kaycee, maybe--" Sean sighed, keeping his eyes on the road ahead.

"I don't want to hear it." Kaycee stopped him once more when they pulled into the apartment complex.

"Love..." Sean ran after her once she started inside in the apartment.

"Don't call me that! I'm upset, and I'm mad, and you're not doing anything to help me!" Kaycee shouted.

"I am trying to help you! If you'd stop talking every once in a while, you would hear me!" Sean snapped right back, but instantly regretted it when he saw Kaycee's reaction. "No, wait, Love, I didn't mean it like that, I--"

"Save it, Sean. I don't want to hear it." Kaycee grumbled. "Give me twenty minutes, and I'll be out of here."

"No, Kayce." Sean tried to stop her.

"No, stop. I'll sleep on Tate's couch until I can get an apartment. Just stop, please."

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