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"How long have you been here?" Sean asked as he walked into the gym, spotting Kaycee already hard at work.

"Since four-thirty." Kaycee put her hands on her waist and took a few deep breaths, brushing the flyaways of her ponytail off of her face.

"Four--Kaycee!" Sean exclaimed.

Kaycee rolled her eyes. "Sean, relax. Just wanted to put in a couple extra hours, yeah?"

Sean took a deep breath, wanting to fight Kaycee on this, but he chose not to. "Okay, Kayce. As long as you're staying safe. Listen, I was planning on going on a run with--"

"Running builds the wrong muscles for dancers." Kaycee stated, turning back to the mirror and restarting her arm workout.

Sean took another deep breath. "I run for stamina, Kayce. Nothing too intense. Besides, I didn't ask for snippy advice."

Kaycee glared at Sean. "Fine. Go ahead. I'll catch up with you later, yeah?"

"See you later."


They did see each other later at rehearsals for the same Showcase they were conditioning in preparation for. Kaycee had showered and changed from her workout clothes into black criss-cross cutout leggings and a red cropped hoodie.

"I reckon you should be resting." Sean leaned up against the doorframe of the studio. The rest of the dancers had gone home almost ninety minutes ago.

"I reckon you went home." Kaycee paused the music and turned to face Sean.

"Don't mock me." Sean chuckled. "But it's really late. Have you even eaten today?"

"Of course. I ate in between gym and rehearsal."

"Kayce." Sean rolled his eyes. "I know you. You go on one of your crazy diets right before showtime, even though you don't need a diet. I highly doubt you've eaten enough."

"Sean, Love, I'm alright, I promise." Kaycee nodded.

Sean sighed. "Promise?"

"Promise. I'll be home in about half an hour, okay?"

"Okay, see you then."


"Seventy-three, seventy-four, seventy-five." Sean counted, and once he hit seventy-five, he watched as Kaycee laid down onto her back. "Alright, Kayce, that's seventy-five."

She took a couple deep breaths, putting her hands on the back of her head once more. "One hundred." She said. "Count, please?"

Kaycee continued her situps, but broke her rhythm around eighty-seven.

"What happened?" Sean asked.

"Nothing, just got a little dizzy, that's all. What're we at?" She sat up again.

"Kayce, pause for a moment. Let's get you some water." Sean handed her her nearby water bottle. "Sip slowly."

"Don't need it." Kaycee pushed his hand away.

"Yes, you do, Kaycee." Sean frowned. "I know you want to be in good shape for the shows, but you're digging yourself too early of a grave like this."

"Fine." Kaycee sighed. She sipped the water, and she wouldn't admit it, but that water tasted very good at the moment. She did need it. "Alright, let's go." She laid back down and got ready for Sean to continue to count her situps again.


"Kayce, what are you thinking for din--" Sean stopped when he saw Kaycee fast asleep, workout clothes still on and all, on the couch. He smiled gently to himself, happy Kaycee had finally taken a break. Sean picked her up bridal style and laid her down in their obviously more comfortable bed.

"Hmm?" Kaycee hummed, starting to stir in Sean's arms.

"Shh, Love, go back to sleep, it's just me. Thank you for finally relaxing." Sean kissed her forehead and turned the lights out.


I currently need a Sean to tell me to take a break...

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