Scared of the Dark

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An ear piercing cry made Sean's eyes snap open. He groaned, knowing it was their three year old daughter, Molly, crying, but still carefully pulled the covers off of his legs, not to wake Kaycee. "Princess, what's wrong?" Sean asked their crying daughter.

Molly saw it was her dad before her, and she reached up to him with "grabby" hands. "There'!" She cried, pointing a tiny finger towards her open closet door.

Sean looked at his daughter. "Do you want me to go check if there in a monster?" Molly nodded. "Okay." Sean kissed her head and laid her back down in her bed. Sean went to the closet and made it almost of a show of him looking in every crevasse of the closet. He nodded and closed the closet door. "No monster, Molly, I promise."

"A-Are you sure, Daddy?" Her little body shook in fear.

"I'm sure." Sean smiled, picking Molly up and sitting down with her in the rocking chair that's in the corner. He kissed Molly's head and rocked with her in the chair, calming her back to sleep. This process went on until Sean noticed Kaycee leaning against the doorframe. "How long have you been there?" Sean asked quietly, his eyes sparkling as he saw his wife. Kaycee simply smiled softly and walked over to the rocking chair. She kissed her now asleep daughter's forehead and Sean laid her back down. He took Kaycee's hand, and they walked back to their bedroom. "I am so proud of you." Sean whispered to Kaycee as they laid back under the covers.

"Why?" Kaycee asked with an adorable giggle.

Sean gasped. "Why? Kaycee, you brought me...brought us that child, and she is the most perfect baby I have ever met."

"Biased opinion there, Lovie." Kaycee chuckled, kissing Sean's lips. "But thank you. Also, thank you for what you did back there."

"What are you thanking me for now?" Sean asked.

"It was pretty brave of you to go make sure there were no monsters in there with Molly! What if there really was one?" Kaycee joked.

"Oh my goodness, I love you." Sean laughed. He kissed Kaycee, and they both fell asleep, and everyone in the home was no longer afraid of the dark.

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