Black Eye

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"Ready to go?" Sean asked, leaning against the doorframe of Kaycee's dressing room.

"Yeah, yeah, just give me a minute." Kaycee rambled, seeming startled. She hurridly put on a pair of sunglasses before turning to face Sean. "Alright, ready." She smiled gently.

"Kayce? Why the sunglasses? It's been pouring all morning." Sean explained. He tried to remove her sunglasses, but Kaycee wouldn't let him.

"I don't want my makeup to run in the rain?" She responded in a tone that unfortunately gave away the fact that she was questioning herself.

Sean shrugged. "Whatever you say."


"I'm going to go shower." Kaycee spoke immediately when they got home.

"Aren't you going to take your sunglasses off, first?" Sean questioned.

Kaycee's whole body tensed. "No, no, I'll take them off upstairs."

"Kayce, what are you hiding?" Sean used her nickname in hopes to ease the tension in the room.

"Nothing." She shook her head, stepping slightly back.

"Take your sunglasses off, please, Kaycee." Sean asked.

"No." Kaycee shook her head.

"Kaycee." Sean spoke sternly. He reached towards his girlfriend, successfully snatching her sunglasses off of her face.

The young girl gasped, her hand instantly coming to her left eye. "Sean!" Kaycee yelled.

"No, no, you're fine. Come here." Sean coaxed. He slowly approached Kaycee and removed her hand for her eye. "Kaycee..." Sean's voice drew out.

The room fell silent as he studied the purple and blue bruises under Kaycee's eye.

"Who did this to you?" Sean whispered.

"Gabe." She whispered in return. "Something happened during the stage fighting."

"This doesn't look like just "something"." Sean shook his head. "This is a lot more than something."

"I iced it at the theater." Kaycee explained. "Now, can I please go shower?"

Sean lowered his head. "Alright."


After a while, Sean and Kaycee had both started on their separate projects. Kaycee began making dinner and Sean was working on putting some laundry away.

He crossed around the bed to grab a few more stray hangers he had left there. Sean stopped at the sight of a faint black streak across one of the white, fluffy pillows. This concerned him, but he quickly shook it from his head, figuring that it wouldn't take more than a wash to get off, and that it was probably just a mark from Kaycee's makeup.

"Alright, Kayce, what can I help you with?" Sean asked, entering the kitchen once he finished the laundry.

"N-Nothing, I'm almost done." She stammered over her words, sniffling.

"Kayce? What's wrong?"

"I'm fine, just stressed is all." She partly lied, partly told the truth.

"Kaycee Rice, I will not let you lie about how you're feeli--" Sean turned her around by her shoulder.

Sean's jaw dropped slightly when he realized Kaycee had been crying, but more than that, makeup of purples, blues, and blacks were dripping down the left side of her face. Sean ran his thumb over the skin, smearing the colors.

"Makeup." He whispered, looking at his stained thumb. "You didn't actually get hit!?" Sean exclaimed.

"Sean, I can explain!" Kaycee backed up to thr counter, bracing herself.

"What?" Sean asked. "There's nothing to explain!" His voice raised. "You faked a black eye to get your ex out of this show, didn't you?!

Kaycee fell silent. He had gotten it spot on. God, he could read her so well.

"You can't be pulling stunts like this, Kaycee! Not in the professional world." Sean shook his head. He looked around, grabbing his nearby jacket.

"W-Where are you going, Sean?" Kaycee asked, scared that she knew where he was going.

"Where do you think?" Sean snapped. He got no answer. "Exactly." He left the small home.

Kaycee froze in her spot, her back sliding down the counter until she was sitting on the floor, collapsing into tears. She'd really messed up, hadn't she?


Well, this started strong...

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