I'll Get You Back Dancing

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"Go ahead, hit me." Kaycee snapped, looking at Sean's rolled fist.

They had never been in a fight this heated. Things were being said that weren't meant, voices were being raised, hands were getting slammed on tables.

"I'm not going to hit you, Kaycee!" Sean yelled.

"Want to explain your fist then?!" Kaycee shouted.

"Want to explain that kiss?!" Sean fought back.

"I told you, it was a stage kiss! It was choreographed in!" Kaycee's voice cracked as she yelled again. Tension built up in the room as Kaycee checked the time. "I have to go." She mumbled, grabbing her bag and walking out the door.


Kaycee walked into rehearsals that day, with a cup of espresso and a bad attitude. A bad attitude thanks to Sean.

"Hey, Love, ready to dance?" Her partner, Beckett asked.

Kaycee downed the last of her coffee. "Yeah, let's go."

"Hey, what's going on?" Beck asked, rubbing Kaycee's shoulder.

"Nothing." She grumbled, pulling her hoodie on. "Let's dance." She clicked on the music, and they started.

They got halfway through the dance, and Beck's hand slipped on a lift, causing Kaycee to fall and hit the ground. "Oh my goodness, are you okay?!" Beck exclaimed, turning the music off.

"Yeah." Kaycee stood up, but soon realized she couldn't. "No!" She cried out. Curtain went up in twenty four days, she didn't have time for this.

"What happened? What hurts?" He asked, dropping to her level.

"Foot." She cried, tears hitting her cheek.

Beck inhaled sharply at the view of her already bruising foot. "Let me call Sean."

"No!" Kaycee exclaimed. "Don't call him! I'll be okay! Look, I can dance, I--"

"Kaycee, sit down! I'm calling Sean, he'll know what to do." Beck told Kaycee. Kaycee sat down and shut up as Beck dialed Sean's number. Tears resurfaced in her eyes as she heard him explain to Sean what happened. As he was on the phone, Beck brought her ice for her foot, and sat down with her. "He'll be here in ten, okay? Hang in there, Kayce." Kaycee's heart raced as she waited for Sean. What would he say? Would he even help?

"Where is she?!" Sean exclaimed, running into the studios. "Kaycee!" He yelled, spotting her, not even waiting for an answer.

"Sean, I am so...about this morning, I am so--"

"Apology accepted." Sean cut her off, kissing her lips. "Hey, let me see this foot." He gasped at the look of her foot. "I'll get you healed, okay? We'll get you back dancing, okay?"



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