Rhythm Is A Dancer

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Lots of you all wanted Jealous Sean! Thanks for the inspiration! Here you go! Xx

Sean stood in the semi circle and watched Kaycee dance alongside Gabe to Don't Tell 'Em. It was quite a fiery dance; heels after all. The girls were in heels, partnered by the guys. It was the first partnering class that Brian hadn't partnered Sean and Kaycee together, and the reason why was unknown.

Kaycee blew a kiss to Sean before dancing, since they always did that before they danced for the cameras. This was the one time he didn't catch the kiss and press it to his heart. Kaycee's bright smile fell at his lack of acknowledgment towards the familar gesture. She couldn't place why he was so upset; he seemed to be having a good time with the combo all class.

"Kaycee and Gabe in five...four...three...two...go." The cameraman pointed at the dancers and the music filled the space.

Kaycee felt invincible up there. Not in a narcissistic way, but with an audience, she felt her best. Dancing, she felt her best.

Soon, the end of the dance came, and she hit the, somewhat intimate, final pose with Gabe. Before the cameras could turn off before the next group danced, Gabe placed a quick "good job" kiss on Kaycee's cheek.

"Thank you." She whispered, giving Gabe a hug before running off to the back corner to retrieve her water bottle.

"Come here." Sean whispered right in Kaycee's ear as he grabbed her upper arm.

"Sure, what's going--" She asked, but Sean simply tightened his grip on her arm and took her out of the studio.

"Sit." Sean snapped, pointing to a chair in the lobby.

Kaycee did as asked. "Why are you acting like this?" Kaycee started unzipping her heels and rubbing the sore arches of her feet.

"What the heck was that?" Sean asked, still angry. He had censored himself, knowing Kaycee didn't like it when he swore.

"What was what? The dance?" Kaycee's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Sean scoffed. "Of course the dance! What else would I be talking about?"

"What was wrong with it?" Kaycee asked. "What, are you just jealous you didn't get to dance with me?"

"No." Sean crossed his arms. "Who said you could do that with Gabe?"

"Brian partnered us together, and who said you had any reason to be this mad at me for no reason?!" Kaycee stood up, dropping her shoes from her hands.

"No reason?! You think I don't have a reason?!" Sean borderline shouted. "You're showing up in skimpy clothes and heels and dancing with someone else like that, and you can't expect me to be mad?!"

Kaycee looked down at her outfit. She simply had a tshirt and leggings on; something she would always wear to class. "What do you mean? I'm wearing what I always wear."

Sean rolled his eyes. "Well...other than that, you're still dancing--"

"Dancing like what? Like how heels dances are? We did nothing suggestive or scandalous. You know what Brian's partnering classes are, and if you didn't want to see me dancing like how he teaches, then you shouldn't have come." Kaycee started back to the studios.

"Kaycee--" Sean started, but Kaycee quickly cut him off.

"No, I'm not talking to you when you're like this. Stop being jealous. We're not even dating or anything. You have nothing to be jealous about."

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