Ballerina Tea

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Warning: Disordered eating and image struggles

"Hey, Sweet." Sean walked into the bathroom to see Kaycee sitting against the wall. "Feelin' any better?"

Kaycee shook her head, leaning weakly against the wall. "No." Kaycee frowned.

Sean sat beside her. "You want me to carry you back to bed?"

"I don't want to be a--"

"You're not a bother, Princess. C'mere." Sean kissed her forehead and scooped her up bridal style. He laid her down in bed and tucked her under the covers. "Get some rest."

Kaycee had been sick for a few days now. She'd finally stopped throwing up, but she still was ill. Sean started suspecting that it was something like a common cold crossed with exhaustion, mostly because she had been working very hard with their upcoming shows. That's what Sean thought, until Kaycee started acting strange.


Kaycee had woken up about ten minutes ago, but her body was still stiff and heavy with sleep. "Do you want me to make you some tea?" Sean asked quietly, kissing her forehead.

Kaycee seemed to completely wake up right then and there. "No, I can do it." She quickly stood up, obviously shaking on her weakened legs.

"Kayce, let--"

"No, Sean, Love, I'm alright. I can make some tea, please stay here." Kaycee warned, slowly headed down the stairs. Sean frowned, thinking her behavior was odd, but he exhaled in relaxation when he saw Kaycee come back up the stairs with a mug.

"If you're up for it, why don't we relax and watch some of The Crown?" Sean proposed.

Kaycee coughed for a moment before nodding. "Of course."

Sean smiled. "Awesome. Cue it up, I'm going to go get a glass of water for myself, and I'll be right back."

"Alright." Kaycee smiled, snuggling into the blankets once more.

"Kaycee." Sean came back into the room. "Explain yourself." Sean held up the box of tea that Kaycee forgot to hide away.

"Huh?" Kaycee turned to face her seemingly now angry boyfriend. "What's wrong?"

"Don't act all innocent. You know why you've been so sick, and now, I do too." Sean stared at the girl before him.

Kaycee's entire body froze. She knew exactly what he was talking about, and there was no way around it. "Sean..." Kaycee spoke, breathlessly.

Sean set the bright green box on the bedside table. "Explain yourself, right now!" Sean demanded, his breaths quickened.

"Sean..." Tears formed in the corners of Kaycee's eyes. She shook her head as her heart began to race.

"I know you don't feel well, but what is wrong with you?!" Sean shouted. Kaycee just stared at Sean, tears starting to trickle down her cheeks. Sean shook his head, running his hands over his face. He slowly opened his eyes and crawled onto the bed beside Kaycee.

She backed away fast, just wanting to leave. She hated confrontation. "Leave me alone." Kaycee mumbled, clutching a pillow to her chest.

"Sweetheart, I just want to help you." Sean rubbed Kaycee's arms. "Can we talk about this, please?"

Kaycee took a deep breath. "Fine." She groaned quietly, the pain of her headache returning.

"Where did you get this stuff, Kayce?" Sean asked, gently. "Ever since we were young, we were warned about stuff like this."

"I know." Kaycee whispered, looking down.

"Look at me. Where did you get it, Love?"

A blush of shame covered Kaycee's cheeks. "I asked Brian to get some for me. Y'know that nutrition store off of ninth? Yeah, I asked him to get me some so that I could educate the young dancers class I teach on the dangers of stuff like this."

Sean gasped. "Exactly, Kaycee!"

"But I didn't even include it in my health talk with the kids! I had him get for me so that I could drink it! Of course I knew about the reasons people drink this, why do you think I drank it in the first place?!" Kaycee shouted, frustrated with this whole thing.

"Darling, if you want to lose weight, there are safer ways to do that. This stuff is what's making you so sick, isn't it?" Sean asked.

"Side effects." Kaycee mumbled.

"Side ef--Kaycee, how long have you been drinking this tea?" Sean rubbed her arm.

"Casting." Kaycee answered.

Sean's eyes widened. "Casting for tour came out months ago!"

"Yeah, and I don't fit into the costuming, and--"

"Kaycee..." Sean started. "This isn't normal behavior."

"I know, but I promised myself I'd drop this before tour tech. I promise." Kaycee swore.

Sean took a deep breath. "Where are all the boxes?"

Kaycee's eyes widened. "No, Sean, you can't be serious." She knew where this was headed.

"Yes, give them all to me. I'm throwing them away! You're at the point to where you don't even know you're on a dangerous path!" Sean exclaimed. Kaycee reluctantly gave him the other box she kept in her dance bag. "This all?" She nodded.

Sean nodded as well and kissed Kaycee's head. He went and threw the boxes out and while he was gone, Kaycee quickly hid the third box she refused to give to Sean in a different hiding spot. She had to keep it on the down low.

Sean came back seconds later, and laid beside Kaycee. "We can talk about this a bit later, yeah? Let's just get you feeling better." He kissed Kaycee's lips.

"Thank you." Kaycee whispered, her eyes gazing over to the place she hid the other box.

She was going to have to be more careful this time.


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