All Too Well // Sequel to Ballerina Tea

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A lot of you all said you wanted a part two to "Ballerina Tea". Here you go! The warnings are the same for this one as in the first part.

It had been quite some time since Sean had caught Kaycee drinking Ballerina Tea. He still does not stand by the use of such methods of weight loss.

Sean had fallen into some hard times recently. He wasn't struggling with the same issues Kaycee was, but he was struggling with something else.

All throughout tour, Sean noticed how the other men in the Cast seemed stronger than he was. That's all. Just simply stronger. He felt inferior to these other dancers. They executed lifts he could never do, with ease. It was a jealousy of looks.

In a way, this could be the same as what Kaycee struggled with.

Sean laid on his back, staring at the dark ceiling in his bedroom. Kaycee wasn't due home for another few hours, since she was helping with a Brian Friedman class. Sean was fighting a war with himself, struggling with one certain thought that was stuck in his head. He hated that that thought was there, but he felt he had no other choice. One taste couldn't hurt.

Sean slowly walked into the kitchen, opening the cabinet where all the tea was kept. He couldn't find any anywhere in that cabinet. A bad thought went through his head, but a thought he figured was at least a hunch. He went back upstairs and opened Kaycee's drawer in her beside table. "Ah ha!" He cheered to himself. "God, I shouldn't have trusted you, Kaycee." He mumbled. Sean picked the bright green box up from the drawer and moved back to the kitchen to steep the tea.


Hours passed and the cup of tea was finished, and Kaycee was finally home. "Sean?" She called. "Sweetheart, where are you?" She called once more when she recieved no answer the first time. It was far too early for Sean to be in bed. The sun hadn't even set yet. Kaycee went to call Sean's name one more time, but froze at the sight of the all too familiar green box on the counter.

She hadn't touched that in months. Sure, she had hidden the extra box and lied to Sean that she had no more tea, but that was saved for emergencies only. Well, now that she was in her right mind, she couldn't really think of an emergency where weight loss tea could save the day, but that wasn't the big deal. The big deal was that Sean had found this originally unopened box of tea, and now it was open on the countertop, and a mug was in the sink.

"Sean?" Kaycee asked in a gentle voice this time. She was wary when she came upon the closed bathroom door, but she had to suck it up. He did this for her, now it was her turn. "Babe? You alright?"

Kaycee simply got a groan in response, knowing all too well what Sean was currently feeling. She pushed the door open, and tears sprung to her eyes at the sight of Sean, sitting in the corner, hands wrapped around his stomach. "It hurts." Sean whined.

"I know, Sweetheart, I know." Kaycee coaxed. From her own trials with the tea, she knew that a few hours in, you'd get a pretty horrendous stomachache. She also knew that Sean would be getting very sick as the night went on.

"I'm dizzy." Sean commented in the same, strangled tone. A few tears slipped from under his eyelashes.

"I know, Sean, I know." Kaycee coaxed in the same way, pulling Sean closer to her. "Can you stand? We could get you laying down, that'll help." She noted.

Sean tried to stand. One arm grabbing onto Kaycee and the other still tightly wrapped around his stomach. "No. I can't." He choked, falling back onto the tile, basically going dead weight into Kaycee's arms.

A couple of more hours passed, and Kaycee had stayed by Sean on the bathroom floor throughout the night. Sean had gotten sick more than four times in the past few hours, which Kaycee knew would dehydrate him. She wished she could do something to help him, but she knew she just had to let the effects run their course.


The sound of birds chirping awoke the pair early in the morning. Most of the side effects had worn off by now, yet Sean still felt nauseous. The two awoke still on the bathroom tile.

"Sean?" Kaycee asked, softly. They had been awake for a little while, and Sean was in the process of trying to stomach a piece of dry toast. "Listen, I saw the box on the counter. Why would you try that when you know what it did to me? Why would you voluntarily put yourself through that?"

"You voluntarily put yourself through that." Sean commented.

Kaycee knew he was right. "This isn't about me, Sweet, this is about you. I was too stubborn to talk to anyone about this, but now that I'm on the flipside of this conversation, I just want to help you."

"See, that's how I felt!" Sean jumped up. Kaycee gently sat him back down, warning him that she doesn't want him getting sick again. "You should've learned from my mistakes."

"I should've." Sean agreed.

"How about this?" Kaycee started. "We'll make a pact. No more of this awful tea anywhere in this home. Can we agree on that?"

"Agreed." Sean smiled as much as he could. He was thankful that Kaycee would never be mad at him. She only cared about him.


Once again, I am always here for you if you need to talk xx

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