How Long Have You Known?

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Kaycee paced the bathroom of her shared apartment with her husband, Sean. This couldn't be happening. Not right now. Sure, they talked about having children, but not right now. Kaycee was about to go and tour with Brian Friedman, and Sean just opened his New York restaurant. There could not have been a worse time for Kaycee to fall pregnant. How was Sean going to react? She paced the tile of the bathroom, lowering to her knees once she felt dizzy and almost sickly again. Kaycee reached her shaky fingers towards her phone that was lying on the floor. She was tempted to call a friend to vent to, but once she opened her cellphone, she couldn't bring herself to it.

Kirstie stood up slowly, with the aid of the sink, once the dizziness passed. She grabbed the plastic pregnancy test that had been confirmed by the doctor, and threw it on to the bedside table to deal with later.


"Hi, Love. How was work?" Kaycee asked, only briefly looking over her shoulder and Sean walked into the apartment. She turned back to the dishes she was washing. Sean mumbled some syllable that Kaycee didn't understand. Kaycee finished up the dishes and threw the towel onto the countertop. She exhaled loudly as she walked into the living room, seeing Sean collapsed onto the couch, shoes still on and everything. "Sean, Babe, let's get you up to bed, okay? You can't sleep on the couch, it'll kill your back." Kaycee grabbed Sean's hand and stood him up. Sean stood up on his own, but weakly laid against Kaycee's shoulder. All the work on his feet at the restuarant these past few opening weeks had really taken a toll on his muscles, it was obvious. "I made you a plate from dinner, it's in the fridge, but get some rest for now, I'll sit with you when you eat, once you wake up." Kaycee said, kissing Sean's forehead. Sean fell onto the bed as soon as he could touch it, and Kaycee's heart started racing when she realized she set the pregnancy test on the bedside table on Sean's side of the bed. Thankfully he was too tired to really notice anything around him. Sean mumbled a rough "thank you", already falling asleep. Kaycee kissed him once more and went back to the living room.


Kaycee was curled into the corner of the couch, deeply invested into some Hallmark movie that was on. Kaycee's arm subconsciously was wrapped protectively around her stomach.

"Kayce?" Sean's rough morning voice cut through her running thoughts. Her husband appeared in the living room with messy hair from where he was laying against his pillow. His shoes had been removed though, and he was just in a pair of white socks. Kaycee looked directly up at Sean.

"Yeah? Do you want your dinner? I can get it for--" Kaycee kicked her blanket off and started to stand up, until Sean urged her to sit back down.

"Sit down, sit down. I'll eat, but I want to talk to you about something first." Sean said, sitting beside his wife after she almost nervously sat back on the couch.

"Sure. Anything. What's up?" Kaycee asked, trying to swallow her nervous stutter.

Sean sat up slightly and pulled something out of his pocket before sitting comfortably back down. Kaycee's heart skipped a beat when she saw what was between his fingertips. "This was on the nightstand, Love." Sean stated simply, flipping the pregnancy test towards his wife so that she could see the two lines for probably the millionth time today.

"I know." Kaycee said quietly, her hands beginning to shake.

"How long have you known, Princess?" Sean asked, setting the plastic on the coffee table and grabbing Kaycee's hands.

"I went to the doctor with Kate earlier this morning." Kaycee whispered, looking at her lap.

Sean tilted her chin up. "So it's true?" He asked.

Kaycee nodded, tears dulling her usually sparkly eyes. "I'm sorry, Sean. I know that you just got this restaurant off the ground, and with--"

"Woah, woah, Kaycee, don't be sorry. What are you apologizing for? This is amazing news! Sure, we talked about this maybe a little longer down the line, but there's no better time than the present." Sean smiled, kissing Kaycee's lips.

"Really?" Kaycee asked, her voice breaking. "You're not mad? You're not going to leave me?"

"Leave you?" Sean asked, completely bewildered by his wife's question. "Kaycee, why would I leave you? I would never. And of course I'm not mad. I'm ecstatic!" Sean smiled, capturing Kaycee's lips in another kiss. Sean's smile stayed glued to his face as he lifted up Kaycee's oversized sweatshirt. "Hi, Baby. Don't worry if your mommy is a little shaky. She's just a little nervous, but guess what, we both love you, and we can't wait to meet you." Sean whispered, pressing a kiss to her still flat stomach.

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