Beaten Up (Duex)

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Previously in: A Little Something Seacyee:

Sean rubbed the side of his head, still in a half asleep daze as he woke up to the sound of pouring rain, as well as a knock on his door. He stumbled around to his door and opened it up. There stood Kaycee, a black hoodie Sean had lent her ages ago, and a Nike baseball cap, both tilted down, just as Sean was seen earlier that morning. "Kayce, it is three in the morning, come in here. What's wrong?" Sean immediately woke up when he saw who it was, and he ushered the girl inside. Sean took her hood and hat off and gasped at the sight. Kaycee's cheek was black and blue, and her collarbone was on the path to looking that way.

"I spoke too soon." She whispered as Sean pulled her into a hug.


"What's going on?" Sean's roommate, Gabe, another dancer, came around the corner from his room. "What's all this commotion for?" He asked. Sean tilted Kaycee's head closer into his shoulder, he continued to rub her back as more tears started to fall.

"Don't worry about it, right now, please." Sean warned Gabe. "Shh, shh." He whispered to Kaycee as her cries morphed into sobs. "Please, Gabriel." Sean spoke up once more, using his roommate's full name to really capture his attention. Gabe just nodded, understanding this was a serious matter that he shouldn't be messing with. "Alright, Kayce, let's get you comfortable before we talk this out." Kaycee nodded before Sean picked her up bridal style and carried her to his room. Sean left Kaycee in his room for a moment, as he went to go grab her a hoodie and pair of sweatpants of his, so that she wouldn't have to stay in rain soaked clothes, and potentially catch a cold. He handed her the pile of clothes, and she ducked into the bathroom to change. "Alright, Love, talk to me." Sean said, patting the matress beside him.

"He hit me." Kaycee mumbled.

"Well, obviously, Love, but why?" Sean rubbed the top of her knee.

"He thought I was cheating on him." Kaycee sighed. "With you." She looked down. "And that you only fought him because you wanted me all to yourself, and..." Kaycee stopped when she started crying again. "I'm sorry." She whispered. "I don't want to be a burden to you, I'll just--" Kaycee started to stand up, but Sean gently sat her back down.

"No, Love. I'm not letting you go back there. It's okay to cry, it's okay to feel scared. You never thought someone you loved so much would do this to you, and I understand that you feel brokenhearted." Sean coaxed. "Stay the night. You can sleep in here, and I can sleep on the couch, okay?" Sean nodded along as he spoke. "I want you to stay safe. We can talk it all out and sort out our options in the morning, alright?"

"Sean, what if he comes here?" Kaycee asked in a whisper.

"Then I'll kill him. He won't touch you again, not under my watch, I promise." Sean kissed the side of Kaycee's forehead. He started out the door to go fold out the couch, but Kaycee called him back.

"May I ask one more thing of you?" She asked quietly.

"Of course, Kaycee. Anything." Sean kneeled before her.

"Will you stay with me?" Kaycee looked down at her knees.

Sean tilted her chin up. In that moment, they were both beaten up, they were both hurt, and they both just needed each other. All of the emotion that this whole day and night had brought on was now packaged in two simple words. "Of course."

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