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Inspired by the weather outside right now

"God, it is really coming down out there." Sean mumbled, walking back from the window to his shared bed with Kaycee.

"Been like that all night." Kaycee whispered, pulling the covers tighter towards her body. "Come back to bed."

Just as Kaycee spoke, a large clap of thunder gently shook the home, and a bolt of lightning cracked across the sky. Kaycee and Sean both sighed when the sound of their baby's cries filled the apartment.

"I got her. Go back to sleep." Sean whispered to Kaycee, gently kissing her forehead before leaving the room. "Hey, what's wrong?" Sean asked, walking into their child's room.

"Rain is s-scary!" Their daughter, Molly, cried, though her r's sounded more like w's.

Sean reached over and picked Molly up, gently leaning her head against his shoulder. "I know it is scary, Honey, but the rain won't hurt you." Sean coaxed.

"Promise?" She asked in a tiny voice.

"Promise." Sean kissed the top of her head. "Do you want to sleep with me and Mommy tonight?" Sean asked. He took Molly's rapidly nodding head as a "yes". "Alright." Sean walked back through the apartment towards his bedroom. "Surprise." He whispered.

"Hi, Baby." Kaycee's face lit up. She took her child from Sean's hands. Another clap of thunder sounded and Molly pressed her face into her mother's shoulders. "I know, I know, it's okay."

"Here you go, Molly." Sean returned to the room once more. He kissed the top of his daughter's head and handed her her beloved, stuffed elephant, Lucy.

Molly cracked a small smile seeing her favorite toy. She snuggled the elephant close to her chest as she laid in between her two parents.

And they all slept peacefully with no fear of the storm around them.

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