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Hi, Loves! I'm trying to work on a new Royal Seaycee oneshot in the series, but I can't figure out how to continue it. If you have any ideas of what you want to see next in the Royal series, send me a message, I'll credit you if I write it! Thank you so, so much! Xoxo!

Warning: Drunkenness

Kaycee used the spare key that Sean gave her to open the door to Sean's apartment. She had texted him earlier in the day, and he said she could come over after her shift to pick up the jacket she left at his apartment. Sean told her just to use her spare key, and that it would be all good.

"Hi, Sean!" Kaycee called. "Sean?" Kaycee called once more when she got no response. She wandered in the hallway to find Sean passed out, face down on the hallway rug. "Sean!" Kaycee jumped. She kneeled quickly beside him and checked if he had a pulse. He did. That's good.

Kaycee shook Sean enough to get him to wake up. He mumbled some drunken slur that Kaycee couldn't understand before sitting all the way up.

"Sean, you cannot be getting this drunk when you have performances soon, what's going on?" Kaycee stared right into Sean's bloodshot eyes with genuine concern.

"But it makes me happy." Sean slurred.

"No, no, no, alcohol doesn't make you happy, even if you think it does right now. C'mon, let's get you to bed."

"No." Sean tried to fight against her.

Kaycee frowned. "Yes, Love. You're going to be feeling yucky tonight, and the floor isn't comfortable."

"My bed isn't comfortable without her." Sean slurred. He started to slump down the wall, but Kaycee held him up.

"Kaycee." Sean said. "I miss her. And I love her. And I messed up." All of his words slurred together, but Kaycee could make out exactly what he was saying.

Kaycee sighed, it made her upset to see Sean so wrecked that he didn't even realize who he was talking to. "Well, I think your bed will still be comfortable."

"It won't be, though!" Sean argued.

"Sean, Love, it will be, I promise. Let's go, you gotta help me, you already look sick." Kaycee pulled his arm. Sean stumbled to the couch, but he would not be able to make it up the stairs; this is something Kaycee just realized.

"There." He frowned. "Bed still isn't comfortable." Kaycee chuckled gently. She hated seeing Sean so drunk, but the fact he thought the couch was his King sized bed was quite comical.

Kaycee got Sean to lay down and lay still. She left him Advil and a glass of water. She set those on the side table in the living room. Kaycee felt bad that Sean was sleeping on the couch, but he really had no other choice.

"Stay." Sean grabbed Kaycee's wrist after she kissed his forehead and started to leave.

Kaycee smiled gently, sitting down in the recliner right by the sofa. "I'll stay."

"I love you." Sean slurred, a mix of the alcohol and falling asleep morphed his words. "But I love Kaycee more."

Kaycee chuckled under her breath. "I love you too, Sean."

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