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"Alright, take five." Brian called, clapping his hands. Almost instantly, Kaycee darted out of the room. She'd been doing that all day. At any break given, she'd sprint out, going Lord only knows where at that pace. Sean decided to investigate.

"Kayce?" He slowly walked down the hallway, turning his head, and looking through every open studio doorway. She was nowhere to be found. Sean was about to give up when he head quiet sobs from the bathroom further down the hall. Nobody ever used that bathroom. Sean stepped a little closer, and cringed when the crying silenced, but was replaced with the sound of gagging and heaving. In a split second of concern, Sean ran towards the door and opened it. "Kaycee!" He exclaimed, seeing the girl kneeling on the tile. "Shh, shh, it's okay. It's okay. Deep breaths." Sean coaxed as Kaycee instinctively laid her head against his chest. It wasn't long before Kaycee's shaking body jumped up as she lurched over the toilet, proceeding to throw up once again. Sean held her hair behind her in a makeshift ponytail. Kaycee sat back up, wiping her face with a tissue from the shelf beside them, and she sighed, leaning against the wall. "Kaycee," Sean ran his thumb over her pale cheek. "You've got to take it easy out there, Love. Why're you going so hard with all your dancing, when you're like this?"

"I'm fine." She told Sean, her voice was rough. Her whole body started to weakly slump to one side against the wall.

"You're not fine. You're sick." Sean explained. "Very sick, Kaycee."

Kaycee rolled her eyes, mustering the energy to stand up. "I'm not sick." She grumbled. Kaycee put her hand against the wall and took a few deep breaths before turning back to Sean.

"Woah, back that whole train of thought up. Sit down." Sean forced Kaycee to sit down. "You are way more than just "sick", Kaycee. You've been throwing up between rehearsals, haven't you? That's why you're running everywhere, huh?"

"Sean, I'm seriously fine." Kaycee tried to stand, but fell back down out of sheer weakness.

"Kaycee, these walls have more color than your face does right now!" Sean exclaimed, gesturing towards the marshmallow colored walls around them. "You cannot be dancing like this."

"I'm perfectly fine, Se--" Kaycee's sentence was ended early by herself hunching over the toilet once more. She was surprised that she had anything left in her system to throw up, but she apparently did.

"You're not." Sean stood up and washed his hands before picking Kaycee up bridal style. He simply carried her out to the sofa in the now empty lobby, and placed a trash can before her. "Stay here." Sean disappeared back into the studios for a moment, before returning with all of their combined belongings, and his keys.

"No, I can't leave! Brian will be so mad!" Kaycee protested.

"I just got permission from him and the team to go. I'm taking you back to my place. You need to rest. I'll get you better, Kayce."

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