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This fits somewhere in the AU of "Beaten Up". Not exactly a part three, more like an alternate part one! Enjoy! ❤

Kaycee smiled as she took her final bow. She was the leading lady in a brand new Broadway show, and she adored every single minute of it. Especially because her best friend, Sean, was the leading male in it as well.

The cast of the show got back to their dressing rooms, everyone started to take off their costuming and makeup, but once Kaycee's eyes landed on the mirror, her sparkly eyed smile shattered. Her jaw dropped, and her hand covered her mouth as tears filled her eyes.

She'd forgotten to cover her bruises at intermission.

Kaycee broke down, right then and there. It had been about a week since Sean found out about the abusive relationship Kaycee was in. Mind you, he finally got her out of that, but not until Kaycee made him swear to secrecy that he wouldn't mutter a word about it to anyone. He held that promise, but now it might've just been broken by the girl who gave it.

How could she have been so stupid?!

"Kaycee?" Sean asked, waking by her open dressing room. "Kaycee?!" He asked once more, now with more concern. Sean walked into her dressing room and closed the door. He kneeled beside the girl who had now dropped to the floor in sobs. Sean went to wrap his arms around her, and when he did, he elicited a shriek from the shorter girl. "Shh, Love, it's just me. It's just Sean, I won't hurt you. Tell me what's wrong." Kaycee slowly raised her head, and Sean noticed all of her stage makeup was ruined, and her false eyelashes were holding on by the bit of the glue that hadn't been worn off by the tears yet. "Let's get these off of you, first." Sean whispered, gently removing the tracks of false lashes from her eyelids. He set the pair on the vainty and looked back at Kaycee. "What's wrong, Love?"

"I'm so stupid!" Kaycee forced herself to breathe out of the sheer necessity that she needed oxygen to live. Through tears, she coughed, and her head began to hurt. "I didn't cover my bruises!" Kaycee rotated her arms in every direction, showing Sean the flowering purple and brown bruises that painted her arms.

"Hey, hey, breathe. There's no way anyone noticed. Those lights are blinding, and you know that." Sean comforted her.

"I think they liked it." A voice was heard saying from the hallway.

Kaycee's eyes widened again. "Oh my gosh! That director was coming to scout us out! Sean, I'm dead!" She exclaimed, standing up and beginning to pace. To make matters worse, the reminder that Kaycee's act one dress was backless flashed through her head. That was more skin exposure, and she realized that she didn't tend to those bruises either.

"Hey, hey, no. It's fine. Like I said, nobody noticed. You're okay." Sean coaxed, rubbing Kaycee's back.


Kaycee spent the night at Sean's like she had been since he got her out of that relationship. "Kayce?" He asked, walking around the apartment. "It's like three in the morning, why are you still awake?" He rubbed his tired eyes.

"Couldn't sleep." Kaycee whispered. She was sitting at the kitchen table with her eyes glued to her phone.

"Love, if you had a nightmare, you could've--" Sean started, but Kaycee stopped him.

"No, it wasn't a nightmare, though, I did have one." Kaycee started.

"Then what's keeping you awake?" Sean sat in a chair beside her.

Kaycee slid her phone over to him. "1287 is the password." She said. Sean unlocked the phone and started at the article on the screen.

Michael Westbrook charged with domestic violence. Victim has been found as Broadway starlet, Kaycee Rice.

Sean gasped. "Kaycee, I am so, so sorry." He closed the phone and enveloped her into a hug.

"It's fine. It isn't like my life wasn't already Hell." Kaycee muttered.

"Hey, don't say that." Sean titled her chin up. "We'll get to the bottom of this, alright? You're the strongest person I know, we'll survive this."

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