Navy (Cinq)

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A part five nobody asked for, nor do they want, but here it is ❤

It all hit Sean the day the journalists started going mad. Spreading rumors upon rumors about the new Queen and King. Nobody thought they were fit for the position.

"Would you like another glass of wine, Your Highness?" A chef asked, presenting Sean with an unopened bottle.

"Yes, please. Thank you." Sean nodded, pushing his glass closer to the man in a white hat. He nodded as he left, and Sean took the glass between his fingers. Sean sipped the alcohol slowly at first, then quickly, all at once. He set the wine glass down once he had regained his focus, and started making his way to the office, where he knew Kaycee could be found. "Hello, My Love." Sean said, walking into the office. "You didn't join me for dinner tonight." He added, sitting in a chair.

Kaycee looked up from the note she was writing. "I know. And I am very, very sorry."

Sean grabbed her hand across the desk. They made eye contact for what felt like a frozen second in time. Kaycee slowly nodded. "What's on your mind, Sweetheart?"

"Nothing." Kaycee shook her head. "Nothing of importance." She set her note and ink to the side. Kaycee looked up when Sean let go of her hand and stood up to close the office door.

"Katherine, I cannot keep having this conversation with you. We're set to have a conference in a few days over these journalism matters, but, My Love, if there is anything on your mind that is going to prevent you from understanding all of this clearly, then we need to address it. I don't want you sidetracked if we're getting important information. I mean, you've already heard what's happened in Wales."

Kaycee faltered for a moment. "C-Can we have this conversation another time?"

Sean shook his head. "No better time than the present."

"Sean, I don't want to talk about this right now!" Kaycee stood up from the desk. She left the office, and found her way walking to their bedroom.

Sean slowly followed her there. "Kayce?" He asked, shortening her already shortened nickname. "Can you please just talk to me? You've already skipped dinner, and this seems to be really affecting you." Sean laid beside her. "What's wrong?"

The room fell silent for quite a while, that was until Kaycee mustered the emotional strength to speak on this matter. "I want to give you a child." Kaycee simply stated. "But it's a futile thought, because I couldn't even manage to keep the first one."

Sean's heart broke. "That's what this is about?" Kaycee nodded. Sean sighed, knowing there was no stopping the train of thought she was already on. "What's bringing this on?"

"My mother died when I was young, Sean, and now my father's gone too." Kaycee sniffed and tucked her head down into the pillow below her. "I just want to keep their legacy alive and well."

"I know you do, Love. I know you do, but it doesn't have to happen right now." Sean inhaled sharply for a moment. "And I hate saying this, Kaycee, but what if we lost the first baby for a reason? I mean, your father passed not even the full nine months later. You know that would've been a lot of stress at one time. We wouldn't have been able to balance it, we know we wouldn't have been able to." Sean explained. Kaycee sighed, maybe he was right. "But hey," Sean tilted Kaycee's chin up. "Once we get settled on the throne, we can start trying again, alright?"

"Alright." Kaycee whispered.

"Hey, I love you." Sean told Kaycee, kissing her forehead.

"I love you too."

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