A Hug

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"Mama?" Caleb toddled into the kitchen where Kaycee was working on making dinner. "What's wrong with Daddy?"

"What do you mean?" Kaycee asked, wiping her hands on a hand towel before picking her young son up and balancing him on her hip.

"He sounds sad." Caleb said, frowning.

"He sounds sad?" Kaycee asked her son. "Well, let's go make him happy, okay? He probably just needs a hug from you." Kaycee smiled and kissed Caleb's cheek. She climbed the stairs and turned the corner to where Sean's study was. "Sean?" She asked, opening the door. Right when the door was open, she shut it at the sight she saw. "Caleb, stay out here, okay?"

"Okay." He smiled, and Kaycee went back into the study, now alone.

"Sean?" Kaycee asked once more, slowly approaching his desk, not to scare him. She rested her hand on his shoulder, and kneeled before him. "Sean, what's happened?"

"I-I have these, all of this--" He looked up at his wife, but stopped his sentence short when a broken sob passed through his lips.

"Love, breathe for me please." Kaycee whispered, calmly.

"I-I can't!" Sean exclaimed.

"Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Breathe with me, alright?" She rubbed his hand and demonstrated a deep inhale and exhale. Sean tried to mimic her breaths, but ended up hyperventilating over the inhales.

"I can't! I can't! Kaycee, I have so much work to do!" He turned back to his desk and picked up his pen in his shaking hands.

"Sean..." Kaycee drew out the name as she took his pen from his hands and shut his laptop. She wrapped him up in a hug. "You're okay. You're okay." Kaycee rubbed her husband's back as his tears started soaking into her shirt sleeve. Sean lifted his head from her shoulder, and rubbed her finger under his eyes. "Look how tired you are, Love." Kaycee whispered once Sean's breaths started to settle. In all honesty, Kaycee couldn't remember the last time he'd actually gone to sleep beside her. "When was the last time you really slept?" Kaycee whispered.

"I-I don't know." Sean admitted. "But I have these reports to write, and--"

"No. Not right now, you don't." Kaycee shook her head. "Right now, you're going to go to sleep, okay?"

"Kay--" He started, but Kaycee cut him off.

"No, but stay here for one more moment." Kaycee left the study, and came back with Caleb back on her hip.

"Is Daddy still sad?" Caleb asked.

"No, but he's going to sleep, because he's tired. So let's go give him a hug and tell him goodnight."

"Okay!" Caleb smiled and made Sean smile when he showed up in the study. Kaycee handed Caleb over to Sean, and Caleb tightly wrapped his arms around his father. "Goodnight, Daddy. Are you not sad anymore?"

Sean looked up at Kaycee, and she smiled gently. "No, I'm not. Thank you for this hug, though. It makes me even more less sad."


Here's more husband/father Sean! ❤

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