Navy // Royal AU

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Kaycee smoothed down her burgundy, floor length dress as she retouched her crimson painted lips. "Are you ready?" Sean peaked his head into the door.

Kaycee studied herself in the mirror once more. "Yes." She turned around. "I'm ready." Kaycee pressed her tiara deeper into her twisted updo as she folded her glove covered hands in front of her stomach.

In store tonight was an event of utmost importance. Princess Katherine "Kaycee" Lew of the United Kingdom, (who would someday become Queen Katherine "Kaycee" Lew of England, but that's not what our story about is today), was to be seeing her husband get knighted and sent off to serve in the Royal Navy. He wouldn't be leaving that night of course, but he would be within in the next few weeks, which made Kaycee nervous for more than one reason.


The ceremony proceeded fairly quickly, and soon enough, everyone was at a gala, celebrating Prince Sean Lew's achievements.

"Princess Katherine?" A small voice took Kaycee out of her thoughts. Kaycee looked down to see a small blonde girl, the young child who belonged to the royalty of Wales.

"Yes, Sweetie?" Kaycee smiled, bending her knees so she was a little closer to the girl's eye level.

"What's your name?"

Kaycee chuckled. "My name's Katherine."

The young royal frowned. "But why does he call you...not Katherine?" She pointed a tiny finger to Sean. Kaycee looked back at her husband for a moment, before smiling at the girl.

"He calls me Kaycee, it's just a shorter name. I let the people I love the most call me that." Kaycee explained.

"May I call you Kaycee? You love me, don't you?" The child smiled slightly.

Kaycee smiled in return. "Of course I love you, and yes, Love. You can call me Kaycee."

"Yay!" She cheered. "I love you, Princess Kaycee."

"I love you too, Sweetie." Kaycee smiled as the young girl ran off to presumably tell her parents how, "Princess Katherine loves her so much that she let's her call her Kaycee".

"Hello, Love." Sean came around to his wife, a skinny glass of champagne in hand. Kaycee stood up from her bent position, and laid a hand on her husband's upper arm as she took a few deep breaths. "Is there something bothering you, Love?" Sean asked, lowering his voice as to keep the conversation between the two of them.

"No." Kaycee quickly concluded as she could almost feel all the color draining from her face. "Nothing at all." She lifted her head to face the gala once more, taking another deep breath.

The gala celebration continued, and Kaycee slowly started feeling more and more ill. Maybe it was the twist of the alcohol spilling around their toes, and the smoke from cigarettes that swirled in the air above their heads. Maybe it was how late it was getting. Or maybe it was...something else. Whatever it was, it was making Kaycee feel immensely sick. "Why don't we take you to bed, Love?" Sean whispered to Kaycee. She felt guilty for wanting to leave the gala, but she was too dizzy to argue, so she slowly nodded. "Are you alright to walk?" In honesty, the room was spinning, but it would be too embarrassing to have your husband carry you out of a gala thrown in his own honor. The two walked hand-in-hand up the many carpeted staircases of the castle, before reaching their grand bedroom. "I'll leave you here to get some rest. You don't look to well, Love. Richard is on gaurd right outside the door, if you need anything."

"Thank you." Kaycee whispered, not even waiting for Sean to leave before her head hit the pillow. Sean kissed Kaycee's pale forehead before exiting, returning to his gala.


"She isn't doing well, Sir." Richard, one of the castle gaurds, told Sean as he walked back towards the bedroom. A burst of panic flashed through Sean's eyes as he bowed before the gaurd before running into the room.

"What is it, Love?" Sean asked, throwing his (now Navy soldier) jacket to the ground. He loosened and removed his tie as well, as he ran across the floor, and sat onto the bed beside Kaycee. He rubbed his wife's back as she bowed her head. Kaycee parted her lips to respond, but when she did, no sound came out. Her entire body fell limply into Sean's arms.

"Sir?" Kaycee's small voice filled the empty bedroom.

Sean lifted Kaycee's chin. "Kaycee, My Love, I'm your husband. You don't have to call me by any label. What is bringing all of this on?"

Kaycee took a deep breath. "Sean, I have something to tell you." She slowly sat herself up, from when she laid herself back down momentarily.

"What is it, Love?" Sean asked again, brushing this thumb over her pale cheek.

Kaycee swallowed hard before speaking. "The doctor came by while you were out yesterday. And..." Kaycee took a deep breath, and her eyes dropped to her lap. "I'm with child." Kaycee slowly raised her eyes to Sean's, but she quickly dropped them back to her legs. Sean slowly tipped Kaycee's chin up.

"You' that true?" Sean asked, and Kaycee nodded.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Sean." Kaycee pulled away from Sean. "You have to leave for the Navy soon, and this is terrible timing, and I am so sorry, Sean." Kaycee admitted.

"No. No, don't be sorry, Love. This is not your fault." Sean reassured her. He scooted closer to his wife and laid a hand on her stomach. This made Kaycee wince, and she gently pulled his hand off of her stomach. "Katherine," Sean never adressed her by her legal name. "I'm going to resign from the Force."

"No." Kaycee's eyes widened. "You cannot just make that choice in a blink of an eye! You cannot resign just because I made a mistake."

"No, don't say that. You made no mistake. Things happen when their supposed to. I do not want to miss a moment of my child's life." Sean spoke to Kaycee, with conviction. He leaned Kaycee into his arms. "We'll be alright, I promise you."

"Sean? I'm scared." Kaycee admitted after a moment of silence.

"Don't be, My Love. I'm right here with you. Always." Sean kissed the top of her head as he turned the lights out.


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