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"What happened?"

He didn't respond for a few moments, and it made you worried.

"Please tell me! You're making me even more worried.."

He looked at you, seemingly still in pain. "My father.. he hurt me.. but it's okay."

"W-why did he do this to you? What did you do?" You asked, getting upset even more, knowing that his father wasn't a nice person.

"Just the usual.. he's mad that.. I didn't.. agree to let you.. go." He was struggling to get his words out, and it was even more painful to watch him be like this. It felt like everything leading up to this was your fault, even though you couldn't really help that his father was like this.

You put your arms around him gently, trying to be careful. It was taking everything inside you not to cry about it.

"Don't worry, Y/N.. I'll always find a way.. for you," he said, looking you in the eyes.

You nodded, "A-alright.. I believe you."

"I'll be fine.. tomorrow. I heal fast. Did you read.. the book?"

"Yeah," you replied, not knowing what to do.

It didn't seem believable that he would heal so fast, but you nodded once again, anyways. Things surprised you each time something ever came up, so it wouldn't be too surprising if he really meant what he just said.

After realizing it was already getting late, you started falling asleep with your arms around him still. All the worrying was wearing you out for the night.

Jin placed a small kiss on your cheek, and then you fell asleep for the night, not leaving his side.

--Morning, 8AM

You shifted a little, waking up. Your eyes slowly opened, and you noticed Jin was still asleep.

It appeared that he was right, though. All the bruises and cuts on his face were mostly gone, except for the real severe ones he had. Those ones were reduced to small little cuts rather than bigger ones.

You smiled a little, knowing that he was getting better. You still felt horribly bad for him for last night, and you wished it could've been stopped.

It was hard to really understand anything his father did. Why did he feel the need to beat Jin just because he didn't want to do what was asked of him?

You couldn't understand it at all. Poor Jin had to deal with a father like that. 

His eyes slowly began to open as he was stretching a little.

"Good morning," you said.


"How does it feel right now?" You wanted to know. It was bugging you this whole morning whether or not he still hurt.

"Much better than yesterday. My stomach still hurts, but it's just bruised," he replied, not worried at all about his injuries.

"I'm sorry to have caused you this much trouble.."

He chuckled, shaking his head. "It's my fault if anything. Don't feel bad about it."

"How can I not feel bad when you were just beat yesterday?"

Jin sighed, hugging you. "I'm fine. If it makes you feel any better, my father won't be able to separate us no matter what he does."

"Why's that?" Wouldn't it be possible, though? It seemed to make more sense that it would be possible, considering that his father was still trying to get Jin to let you go.

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