Glow ☾

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"Is that a.. mark.. on Y/N's neck?"

Both of us froze in sudden shock. The fact that Haneul happened to be here alone was a shock, yet he managed to see the mark within seconds even though it was just barely visible. 

It was as if he'd known the two of us would be here and waited for the right moment.

Jin's hot skin brushed against you as he shifted uncomfortably. Neither of you said a word as you tried to avoid Haneul's gaze.

Haneul walked closer to you, and you remained still, trying to seem as natural as possible.

"Is it?" He asked one more time with concern present in his voice.

What you didn't understand was the fact that Haneul didn't just go over and look at Jin's neck. It's fully exposed and in plain sight, but yet he wanted to inspect you instead.

No response came out of your mouths. It was too awkward to give him a response, knowing that he already knew the answer to that question.

The reason for Haneul getting worked up about the mark was something you were clueless about.

Haneul stared at you in the eye, waiting for you to do or say something. Just before you were about to say something, Jin moved your hair, making the mark visible.

Jin wrapped his arms around you, making you feel even more awkward in front of Haneul. Something about Haneul's expression displayed uneasiness and anger.

Haneul's jaw clenched, and he remained silent. The silent wind was all that was heard between the three of us.

Jin was wearing a smirk on his face whilst Haneul was having a stare down with him. You stood there in the middle, standing there. Each moment felt more uncomfortable as you stood there, watching them.

With a quick shove on the arm by Haneul, you were thrown to the ground, falling on your side.

Haneul began cursing under his breath, stepping closer to Jin. What exactly is going on?

"Why did you do that? Hm? You forced her, didn't you? Tell me you did!" Haneul began blurting words as he grew more and more frustrated.

Jin paused for a moment before speaking. Calmly, he replied, "Y/N wanted me to. That's why, and that should answer your questions."

Haneul's eyes widened, full of disbelief, as he turned his head to look at you. 

"Do you realize what you've just done?" He didn't seem the slightest bit happy. In fact, he looked like he was about to explode, but at the same time, he was saddened. His eyes showed disbelief, yet he was also on the verge of tears.


You didn't respond to his question, because what you thought and what he could be thinking of may be very different.

"What exactly do you mean..?" You asked, trying to get a better explanation for his question.

Haneul shook his head, then walked off in the direction you and Jin came from.

Jin seemed a bit bothered by the last bit of the conversation, but he still didn't say anything. He sighed, looking up at the night sky filled with stars.

Maybe Jin would tell you what Haneul was talking about, since it seems Haneul never wants to answer your questions.

"What exactly did Haneul.. mean?"

Either he didn't hear you, or he was hesitating on answering you, because he didn't respond with anything.

You walked closer to Jin, hoping to get his attention. "Hm?"

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