Revealed ☾

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"Before I tell you, I'd like to show you something special."

You looked at him, curious as to what he'd ever want to show you. 

"What is it?" 

"Hold on, wait here," he told you. Quickly, he ran off into the woods, doing god knows what. He told you to stay here, so you might as well do so. 

As you were standing quietly, you got tackled from the back, landing face down into the ground. You attempted to scream but all that sounded was muffles.

A familiar masculine laugh sounded from behind you.

"Got you." 

He got off of you, allowing you some time to get back up. 

"What the heck, Jin?!" You were still trying to get the mud off of your pants as you spoke. 

Most of the mud just smeared, and that's when you gave up even trying. You looked up, surprised to see a huge wolf in front of you. 

So. That's what he was doing. 

"Um.. so. Lead me to the place now?" You asked, awkwardly. It wasn't something to see everyday, so you were still getting adjusted to the whole wolf thing with Jin. 

Jin walked over to you, and stopped when he was in front of you. He stood on all fours, and that was when you realized how much bigger he was as a wolf. You already knew he was abnormal in size, but the height was totally different. He stood to be below your chest, whereas if he was a regular wolf, it'd be around your waist. 

"Hop on." 

You did a double take at his words.

"Are you sure?" you asked quietly. 

"Yeah, it's fine. It'll be a long while, so it's much quicker this way."

"Wait- how long?" 

"I'd say it'll take me about an hour to run there. Maybe longer with you on my back," he replied like it was no big deal, but you felt somewhat guilty to be an obstacle. 

"Are you sure you'r-"

"Yes, I'm fine, now get on. Or else I'll just leave you," he said jokingly. 

You sighed, still feeling bad. With no other choice, you hopped onto his back.


"Yeah," you replied. 

"You better hang on tight," he warned. 

Even though he didn't see, you nodded your head in response.

He started to walk, then looked back making sure you were in a stable position. 

His fur was barely visible in the dark of the night, but it was so soft and he felt toasty warm in the cold of the night. 

He soon began to run, and that's when you held on tighter. You buried your head in his fur, falling asleep quickly from lack of sleep as the journey continued. 

———An hour and a half later———

Your body hit the hard ground suddenly, causing you to groan in response.

"Sorry," Jin apologized. 

"It's okay, I just didn't expect that."

Jin was back into his human form, and we were both in some other odd place in the woods.

He watched you, waiting for a response or reaction. You weren't really thinking that something like this was what he was going to show you. It was sort of a let-down, because it took an hour of him running to get here.

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