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--Morning, 10:46 AM.

You lie there on your bed, staring at the ceiling. Namjoon was supposed to be coming over today for the book, but when?

Jin was still sleeping, and it was still somewhat early for anyone to come over anyways.

You were lightly shaking him, trying to get him to wake up, since you already let him sleep in a bit. Eunji or Jaehyun were probably already out making breakfast. 

Jin shifted a little, grumbling. "Mmh.. what time is it?" he asked, mumbling most of the words.

"10:46," you replied.

He reminded you of how you used to be when you were in college. You never wanted to get up early, and would often want to sleep in, even though you knew that you shouldn't.

Jin let out a loud sigh, sitting himself up. "I didn't know I slept in that much. Thanks for waking me up, anyways." He pecked your cheek, giving you a small smile, then got up to go into the living room.

You got up to follow after him into the living room. Jin was sitting on the opposite end of the couch where Jaehyun was sitting, and you sat down in between them, moving yourself closer to Jin.

Jin wrapped his arm around you, closing the distance between the two of you. "I assume Eunji is making breakfast again?" Jin asked Jaehyun, assuming that he'd know the answer to that question.

Jaehyun nodded, saying, "Yeah. She'll be done soon."


Moments later, Eunji yelled for all of us, letting us know that breakfast was now made.

Jin headed out into the kitchen holding your hand, and Jaehyun followed along. Eunji had all the plates made and ready on the table for us to be able to just sit down.

"Thanks, Eunji! Are you sure you don't want me to cook or something next time?" you suggested, knowing that she liked to cook. You were more or less wondering if she wanted a break from doing it all.

"It's fine, Y/N. I don't mind at all! Maybe tomorrow morning you could help," she said. 

You nodded, responding with, "Sure. It'd be nice to do a little something different in the morning. Do you have plans for what to make tomorrow?"

She paused for a bit, thinking about tomorrow's breakfast. "How about pancakes? I've not made them for a while, and I know you're good at that."

"Pancakes sound good to me. Is everyone else okay with that?" you asked, talking to Jin and Jaehyun.

Both of them nodded, and Jin said, "It's been a while since you guys have made them, so it'd be nice."

"Alright. Pancakes it is, then. We should probably eat now, before the food gets too cold," Eunji said, sitting down at the table.

You sat down next to Eunji on her left, and Jaehyun sat on the other side of her. Jin sat next to you, already beginning to eat the food that was prepared.

--After breakfast

You walked back into your room after putting the dirty dishes away. Moments later, Jin entered your room.

"Namjoon should be here soon, alright?"

You nodded. "How soon?"

"I don't know yet. Maybe roughly 10 minutes or so, but he may take longer depending on if he's busy with other things," he replied.

"What kinds of things does he do? I'm just curious. He seems like a busy person."

Jin sighed for a moment. "It's complicated. He does a lot, but I'm not sure of how to explain it, because it's just so much."

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