Dream ☾

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"Move out of the way."

--Jin's POV

He stared at her, realizing what was happening.

But how? It's too soon for any of this to happen. Something must've been triggered when Jaehyun touched the mark.

Eunji and Jaehyun have no idea what's going on, and it's bad enough that they're seeing what they think is a tattoo glow.

Hopefully it'll all be over soon. He felt bad that he couldn't do much to get her to snap out of it.

He took Y/N into his arms, carrying her to a more comfortable place. Eunji and Jaehyun were stunned, and followed behind him.

"Will she be okay?" Eunji asked.

"Did you do it?" Jaehyun immediately blurted out, blaming him already.

Jin sighed. "She'll be fine, and no, I didn't do it, thank you very much."

Jaehyun still glared at him. Seems like he still has a grudge. Well, that's not a surprise now, is it?

He sat down on the sofa, resting Y/N's head on a pillow. She laid limp as if she were dead, but she was still breathing, alive as ever.

He put his hand over the glowing mark, covering it so that they could stop staring at it.

It was beginning to worry him whether or not he was the reason that this happened early on. She wasn't ready to see those things or have the responsibility of them right now.

He came as soon as he felt there was something wrong, and sure enough there was. Hopefully, it would all be over soon.

Slowly, he leaned down, and placed a kiss on Y/N's still lips. He didn't care that the other two could see.

--Y/N's POV

Images were going through your head like a lightning bolt. Were these memories or what? None of these were recognizable, though.

You tried to make out a few of them, but they were all just blips of things that seemed really random. None of it was making sense to you.

Why is this happening and what's going on right now?

The images began to slow down in your head. Was it almost over?

Things became clearer as they slowed. Images of wolves and more appeared in your head. Specifically a black and white wolf would pop up quite a bit.

Another wolf that was a darker brown would also pop up occasionally, and even though you didn't know whom it was, the look of the eyes seemed.. familiar.

Was it someone you knew?

You concentrated harder, trying to understand the images as they went by. More images of wolves appeared, and often the necklace would pop up in between the images.

What did the necklace mean? It seemed everyone else knew, but you.

Later on, images of hundreds- maybe even thousands of wolves were howling. What did it all mean? Surely, there was a reason for this.

The images slowly transitioned back to just the white and black wolf. Four pups were later included, two black, and two that were white as snow.

The last few images were too blurry for you to be able to make out what they were.

Finally, they all stopped. Your eyes slowly opened, only to see that Jin was hovering over you, and your friends were also sitting there.

"Are you alright?" Jin asked, worried. His hand was on your face, gently placed.

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