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"How can I not worry about you when I love you?"

Jin froze for a good while.

Crap. Was it too soon to say something like that? You were worried now.

You could see that he was blushing. He looked at you straight in the eyes for the longest time, not saying a single word.

"J-Jin?" You were stuttering, starting to get more worried now that he still wasn't saying anything.

He gulped. "I love you too," Jin finally replied confidently.

Jin hugged you tightly immediately after having said that. "I love you so, so much.." he continued.

His arms wrapped around you tighter than he's ever done before, but it filled you with happiness once those words left his mouth.

Your face was practically turning red with blush as you thought about what he just said to you. He loves you.

"You worried me for a moment! You wouldn't respond, and I thought I said it too soon," you mumbled.

Jin stopped hugging you for a moment, cupping your cheeks with his hands. "I'm sorry, baby doll. You shocked me when you said that. I actually didn't know how to respond, because I was completely thrown off guard."

You smiled as you looked up at him. "It's okay. I'm just glad you said it back."

"I'm sorry if I upset you earlier with the stuff about my father. I wasn't thinking," Jin apologized, sighing a little.

Your head rested on his chest. "It's not your fault. I'm worried about your father doing those things to you again. I just don't want to see it again because it really upsets and makes me furious to think that anyone would do that to their own child."

"I don't really view him as my father, honestly. I don't want to be related to him, and nor do I want to talk to him ever again. But I have to deal with him for whom he is because of his position," Jin mumbled. He clearly seemed bothered that he had to associate himself with his father at all, but you didn't blame him for it.

"I understand.. maybe one day you'll be able to be on good terms with your father, or maybe you'll find a way that you won't have to deal with him," you replied, trying to find the better sides of the outcomes.

Jin just simply sighed at your words. His hand held yours, squeezing it.

The two of you were just lying on the bed, and the room was dead silent.

"I think it's time you know what the female alpha's role is," Jin randomly said, seeming to be in deep thought after saying that.

That's right- he never told you. You almost forgot about that. It was odd, but you felt ready to know by now. Especially after he had confessed to loving you.

"I forgot about that.. it's soon, right? The role switch."

"Yeah. It's in about a week or two, depending on how things go," Jin replied.

You nodded, eager to hear what he had to tell you. From what he made it sound like before, it wasn't all that much. But maybe you were wrong.

You could sense a little bit of hesitation before he said anything, and you hugged him tightly. "It's okay to tell me."

Jin took a deep breath, then finally said it. "The female alpha.. is supposed to help the male alpha, and have kids."

You blushed furiously after he said that. Kids?

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