Threat ☾

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"Black roses"

"Black roses often represent farewell, endings, and death. It is said that one to receive such a thing would experience unfortunate events."



This is all just a myth, nothing really is meant by the rose, right?

You quickly turned off the computer, running back out into the living room. Was that the door bell? Was Jin here? or was it someone else?

Everything was silent and still as if time was stopped in the moment. You continued to look around the dark room. It didn't help that things were just barely visible. 

Where did Haneul go..? Was what you heard earlier the sound of him leaving? But then, that wouldn't explain the doorbell. 

Or is this some kind of prank? You clenched your jaw, rolled your eyes, and started to storm off into the room that was currently yours.

You hit a hard obstacle, causing you to fall backwards in surprise. Your bottom hit the hardwood floor, making it sting a little bit. 

The first thing you saw were two legs.

"Yah! You bas-"

The man covered your mouth with only one hand whilst using the other to lift your chin, forcing you to look at him in the eye.

His facial features weren't very well defined- definitely someone older, but yet looked quite young at the same time. It was very hard to tell with the lack of lighting in this very house right now. 

"Be careful about who you're speaking to next time. I'll let it slide for now." 

"Who the hell are you?" You blurted out. Who did this man think he was to talk to you like he was some sort of artifact that should be treated with gentle care.

His left eyebrow rose, "You're kidding.. right?"

You remained mute by responding with a shake of a head. As far as you knew, this was the first time you've seen this man.

He sighed and replied in a deep voice, "Ah. That's right, I forgot. I'm Haneul and Jin's father. You know them, right?"

"Yes, I know them- but your name?"

The man chuckled a little bit, "You don't need to know anything else other than the fact that I rule this entire land of wolves. That being said, I demand a little bit of respect from you."

Ugh. You hated feeling like you had to rely on someone. 

"Is there an actual name for that?" You asked, feeling a bit curious. It felt like "the land of wolves" was just the simple name, and a bit wordy. Surely, there was a better name for it.

"There isn't one name that anyone really goes by, but most call it the "Other side" or simply, "Hell," so if anyone mentions the first one especially, then they're most likely a wolf.

You nodded, taking note of what the man just said. "So, where's Jin? And Haneul? I know for a fact that Haneul was here just moments ago."

His lips pressed into a thin line for a quick second, then he replied. "Jin should be back soon. And Haneul? I'm not sure that it matters what happens to him- for you anyways."

That's a bit suspicious. To press him a little more, you asked "..But I asked about him. At least tell me where he is."

"No can do. He'll be fine, trust me."

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