Huh? ☾

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Taking a deep breath, you started slowly. "Jin, I-"

He quickly covered your mouth with his hand. "Wait. Someone's here.."


His sudden change of mood startled you, and it was as if what you were about to say moments ago didn't matter.

"What is it?" You tried again, hoping he'd respond this time.

Jin held a finger up to his lips signaling you to be quiet. You wanted to know what was going on, but you assumed that he would tell you later. Hopefully.

No one's been telling you much of anything lately.

So frustrating.

A big sigh almost left your lips until a loud clang of something in the distance sounded throughout the house.

Your breath stopped immediately, and you froze. Dead silent.

Jin expertly placed his steps and avoiding all the furniture or obstacles that remained in his way as he looked around for whomever he was trying to find.

Since you didn't want to be any bit of a nuisance, you stood completely still, doing your best not to make any sounds come out of your mouth.

Whatever it was, or whomever it was- it was surely making Jin worried.

Were these types of things normal for him?

The way he is able to make every movement and step so carefully was telling you that this wasn't the first time. There's no way it could be.

His hands were raised in a defense position, ready to fend off anything nearby.

He sighed, and dropped his hands down. "I know you're there. Quit messing around, I really thought you were one of them."

Jin rolled his eyes, looking around once more. Was there someone that somehow got here? Haneul never invited anyone else but you into the house.

"Seriously? I can see you. Uncloak yourself," Jin said in annoyance.

Well, that would explain why you didn't see the figure. Apparently people here also have the ability to cloak themselves, and you couldn't see them.

Not a sound was made, and you started to think no one was actually there like Jin seems to believe.

You remained behind Jin, because he wouldn't let you elsewhere. It felt extremely awkward being near him knowing just what you were about to say moments ago.

You wanted to think that what his father said was simply a threat, but at the same time, you were too afraid to go against the orders in case his words held to be true. Those words, "Break Jin's heart" kept replaying in your head over, and over again.

Were you simply overthinking this?

Suddenly, a tall, cloaked figure appeared in front of Jin. Jin was already exceeding in height compared to you, but this unidentifiable figure is much, much taller. His face couldn't be seen, but he didn't seem to have a good aura around him. Something didn't seem.. right.

The closer you looked, you could see a very faint black smoke that surrounded him like a thick fog. At first, you hadn't seen it because this room had the worst lighting possible.

For some odd reason, despite the horrid impression made so far, there was also a feeling that you could trust this man. His face was hidden in the shadows of his hood, but if he had intended to do harm towards us, then you thought that he would've most likely kept himself cloaked, invisible to you.

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